How to clean accessory of Volvo generator set?

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

How to clean accessory of Volvo generator set?

 In the regular maintenance of Volvo generator set,need to clean it’s accessory. So,how to clean accessory of Volvo generator set? Or how to remove grease, carbon deposits, scale and rust etc. on the face of generator set?

The first way: remove carbon

Use a simple mechanical removal method to remove carbon,it is to say using metal brush or scraper to remove carbon,but this way can not easily remove the carbon on Volvo generator set cleared up,and easily to damage the face of accessory. The best way is to use chemical removal of carbon deposits. It is mean that use decarburizing agent (chemical solution) to heat up to 80 ℃ to soften the carbon deposit on the parts, and then remove it with brush and so on.

 Starlight company warms reminder: gasoline cleaning is not safe; aluminum parts can not be cleaned in strong alkaline cleaning fluid; non-metallic rubber parts should be cleaned with alcohol or brake fluid

The second way: clean oil contamination

When the oil deposit on the surface of the parts is thicker, it should be scraped first. It is generally necessary to clean the surface oil of the parts in hot cleaning liquid, and the common cleaning liquid has basic cleaning liquid and synthetic detergent. When the alkaline cleaning solution is used for thermal cleaning, heating to 70-90 & deg; C, soaking the part for 10-15 mins, taking out and washing with clean water, and drying with compressed air.

The three way: remove water scale

The scale is usually removed by chemical method, and the chemical solution is added to the coolant. After the engine works for a period of time, the coolant is replaced. The commonly used chemical solutions for removing scale include caustic sodium solution or hydrochloric acid solution, sodium fluoride hydrochloric acid scale remover and phosphoric acid scale remover. Phosphoric acid scale remover is suitable for removing scale on aluminum alloy parts.

 After cleaning the parts of the Volvo generator set, you should pay attention to the problem of the direction of installation. Some parts can be installed in reverse, but it is not good for the equipment to be installed in different directions. Therefore, it is not good for the equipment to be installed in different directions. You should pay attention to the installation direction of the parts when you install it back. 

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