How Olive Oil Is Useful In Maintaining Beautiful Skin And Hair

by Luessi Dino I am a Writer

When any beauty issue like sagging skin or rough hair pop up, it is quite likely to give women a string of sleepless nights. And then starts the blind race from dermatologist to trichologists who actually have not much to offer except hefty bills. A variety of beauty issues can be solved right at home by using olive oil in combination with various kitchen items and simple water or salt. Here are a few of the olive oils uses for beauty listed for you.

a.      Olive oil for face: Beauty gets the first testimonial in the form of beautiful face. The face is one of the most exposed parts of body when you go out to work and so it deserves treating with correct and harmless beauty solutions. Olive oil combined with honey and some exfoliating agents like chickpea floor make a great exfoliator. This oil, when mixed with salt or sugar, supplies extra nourishment to facial skin and keeps it supple and moist for ages.

b.      Olive oil for beautiful skin: Not only face, hands and legs also need ample nourishment to stay stout and to avoid sagging of skin on these areas. Olive oil does the job of repairing dead cells and helps regenerate new skin cells that plug the issues like pores and patches. Massaging hands and legs with olive oil is a tried and tested procedure and it has been proved useful for kids as well as adults.

A few minutes of massage with olive oil maintain the beauty of hands and legs and offer proper nutrition to bones too which are responsible for beautiful body frame. Olive oil skin care routine must comprise of massaging the hands and legs daily at night so that you are ready to face the challenges of next day with added freshness.

c.       Olive oil for beautiful nails: Drying of nails and brittleness is largely due to lack of moisture in them. Olive oil is full of nutrients like essential vitamins and minerals that are responsible for the good health of nails and cuticles. Thus, one must soak the hands in olive oil mixed warm water to get rid of issues like brittle or dull nails. Manicure delivers better results when you apply olive oil in routine and mix it with certain exfoliators of herbal nature. When you are looking for chemical-free solutions to keep hands beautiful, olive oil offers easy and dependable solution.

d.      Hair care and olive oil: Who doesn’t want bouncing, beautiful, dense hair? If you want beautiful hair, you need to pay attention to its basic needs. Dry scalp can cause hair fall and avoiding oiling leads to various hair issues. Thus, it is advisable to adopt good hair care habits like applying olive hair oil and massaging scalp with it regularly to keep all unwanted hair issues at bay.

Thus, olive oil is a versatile solution for beauty care. Its uses are many and its effects are appreciable too. Instead of running after chemical based treatments, make beauty the part of your life by using olive oil for hair and skin.

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