How Much Are The New Drivers Aware Of The Tyre Safety?

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When you complete your driving license test, it's a fantastic feeling. Finally, you can drive on your own and be self-sufficient, and a completely new life opens up before you. The cliche that you know how to drive once you pass your test, however, holds a lot of reality. Driving on highways, filling up with gas, and navigating multi-story parking lots are just a few of the things you won't learn in your driving lessons.

Although there are a few "tell me how" questions about tyre safety in the car maintenance segment of the actual driving test, a study of 1,000 new drivers conducted by certain sources — professional insurers for young and new drivers — revealed a troubling lack of expertise in this area.

One among three of the young drivers said they've never inspected their tyre tread depth, a quarter said they've never verified their tyre pressures, and nearly half said they had never been taught how to inspect their tyres. Tyres Wychnor are the only portion of the car that makes contact with the ground; they lose pressure over time and require a boost from time to time; also, properly filled tyres save gasoline.

Tyre Inspections

Tyre pressure, tread depth, and general condition are the three main inspections to implement to ensure tyre security. Make these once a month and before large trips, or make it a habit to check them every time your check up.

Let's take a closer look:

Tyre pressure - you can use the tyre pressure gauge at the local gas station to examine your tyre pressure. In your car handbook, under the petrol tank cover, or inside the sill of the driver's side door, you'll find the necessary pressure level in PSI/BAR.

And have a more precise estimation, measure your tyre pressure whenever the tyres are cold, i.e. after the car hasn't been on the road for a while.

What factors influence tyre pressure? The right tyre pressure is determinable by the speed, load, and driving style. In your automobile manual, there could be two pressure settings: one for normal driving and another for whenever your car is loaded with people and baggage.

Remember this and regulate your tyre pressure level accordingly, particularly if you're planning a lengthy trip.

It's important to note that both over-inflation and under-inflation have their own set of issues, therefore avoid them both.

Checking your tyre pressure just takes five minutes. Most gas stations offer a pressure machine where you would check and re-inflate your tyres. Simply drive to the courtyard area designated "Air" and stop there. You'll almost certainly need cash for the device, so put the desired tyre pressure and pick it with the + or — buttons. Remove the valve covers and use the nozzles to work your way all-around the automobile.

Place the nozzles on each valve and wait a few seconds for the pressure while the examination is going on. If your tyre isn't at the proper pressure, the regulators will start filling or compress it to the pressure you set in the machine, beeping when it's over. Make sure all of your valve caps are securely tightened.

Tread depth on each tyre – always examines the tread depth on every tyre. The minimal depth is 1.6mm. If it's below that, you are in danger.

If you could see the rim of the penny when you put it in the tread, the tyre is reaching the minimum threshold tread depth and need replacement.

Look for any external damage, including cracks, bulges, or flat patches, on the tyres. Such damage could result in rapid deflation or the failure of the MOT.

The Sanctions

Some other topics where the new drivers polled indicated a lack of understanding was the consequences of driving on prohibited tyres.

While driving, 85% miscalculated the penalty for each prohibited tyre.

The minimum allowable tread depth for a tyre was underestimated by 62%.

The motorist is accountable for road-legal tyres, according to 57% of those polled.

You might receive 3 points on your driving licence and a heavy penalty of £2,500 for each unlawful tyre. Your licence will be void if you obtain six points in your first two years on the road. And you'll have to redo your theoretical and practical examinations. As a result, if the law finds you with two unlawful tyres, you may lose your licence.

Of course, these sanctions should serve as a warning. But the main motivation for tyre safety must be the security of drivers, riders, and other road users.

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