Be Tyre Aware- Troubleshooting Car Tyre Issues with Elan

by Nil’s Tyre Services Auotomotive

Car tyres face several issues that hamper their performance. As the sole point of contact between a vehicle and the road, tyres endure the maximum impact of daily driving. It takes a severe toll on them, and certain problems are bound to crop up with time.

Some of the most common issues motorists face regarding their tyres are listed here.

Flat Tyres

If Monday had a face, it’d probably resemble a flat tyre.

A flat tyre is a nuisance that can potentially prove to be fatal if you are driving at high speeds. There are mainly two types of leaks that cause flat tyres

           Slow leak- These are extremely hard to detect as the pressure depletion is gradual and happens over hours or even days. They are also less dangerous.

          Blowouts- Blowouts are a severe safety threat. It usually happens when you are driving at high speeds,and some foreign object perforates the tyre. You may lose control over your vehicle when that happens.

There may be several reasons behind the sudden deflation of tyres, some of which are mentioned below.

·         Worn-out treads

·         Road debris

·         Sudden and forceful impacts

·         Damaged valve stem

As of now, there is no foolproof defence against flat tyres. The best you can do is install a set of run-flat tyres which allow driving even when there’s no air pressure left in the tyres. However, you can be prepared to repair minor leaks with a sealant spray.

However, it’s crucial that you take your car to a proficient auto garage like Nils Tyre Service for a professional Puncture Repair in Blackburn. Along with repairing the puncture, they also perform other related services including tyre balancing and wheel alignment.

Incorrect Inflation Pressure

Maintaining accurate tyre inflation pressure is crucial on many counts. With the introduction of the new MOT regulations, it has also become legally binding now. There are many disadvantages attached to inaccurate tyre inflation.

·         Under-inflated tyres increase the rolling resistance of a car, leading to higher fuel consumption.

·         It also leads to uneven tread wear along the edges of a tyre.

·         Over-inflation, on the other hand, also causes uneven tread wear patterns but along the centre rib of the tyre.

·         Over-inflation also affects handling precision and increases the probability of a tyre blowout.

Maintaining proper inflation pressure is the easiest and cheapest way of enhancing vehicle performance. You must monitor it weekly. You can easily do it at home with the help of a tyre pressure gauge available in the market for around £5. The recommended pressure for your particular model will be written on a sticker on the driver’s side doorjamb or your owner’s manual.

Note: You may overinflate your tyres by 1-2 psi during winters as the air pressure drops with temperature.

Uneven tread wear

The treads on a tyre are optimised to provide the appropriate amount of traction required for different road conditions. However, certain issues aggravate tread wear and cause uneven tread wear.

·         Misalignment of wheels

·         Out of balance tyres

·         Improper inflation

It’s crucial to ensure that these three aspects of your car tyres are within the recommended parameters for getting the best out of your Tyres Blackburn. You will need professional help to maintain these on your car.

Admittedly, maintaining tyres is not the most fun aspect of owning a car, albeit a necessary one. The more you care about your car tyres, the better performance you can expect out of them. So, do not take tyre maintenance lightly.

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