How Cryopreservation Helps With IVF

by Joanne P. Health Enthusiast
Looking at the IVF success rate worldwide, the procedure definitely provides greater opportunities for couples trying for a child. Not all couples, however, have the luxury of time when attempting to conceive. Overseas workers, people who married later in life, and people who are going through certain health conditions need more options than a regular couple.

Thankfully, the advancement of technology has allowed modern couples different ways to improve their chances of conceiving a child of their own. So, how do you know if cryopreservation is best for you? Here are some of the best candidates.

Older parents or those who plan to have children later

Should a couple be in their post-prime conceiving years when they decide to have kids, meaning they’re older than the age of 35, it will be expectedly more difficult to conceive naturally, and sometimes even with the help of IVF. 

How Embryo Freezing Helps

This is inevitable as older eggs can be more difficult to fertilize, especially if the sperm comes from an older father since sperm quality and motility are affected by age. With embryo freezing, however, there stands a better chance of successful egg fertilization and eventual embryo transfer.  

Since the egg can be directly injected with a single sperm (as what is typically done to produce embryos for freezing), and they will be carefully observed to ensure proper development, couples do not have to worry about whether the procedure will successfully take or not since it will all be done and checked in the lab.

And if the couple plan early enough, they can arrange for embryo freezing in their younger years and have it thawed later on when they are finally ready to have children.

Couples who are away from each other for long periods of time

A lot of couples who are unable to maximize their chances of conception due to inevitable circumstance are those whose partners, more typically men, are away for long stretches of time because of work. 

How Sperm Freezing Helps

Sperm freezing is a great option for such couples as the men do not have to be present for conception to take place. They can simply visit the facility when they are available and have their semen sample frozen and stored for IVF use. They can also opt to have their sperm count checked before freezing to ensure there is a healthy amount present in the sample they will have frozen.

Thawed sperm is just as capable of fertilization as freshly acquired sperm meaning there is no need to be concerned whether it will affect the success of the IVF procedure. Quality of the sperm is also preserved through the freezing, so the couple is assured perfectly healthy offspring.

Men and women who are to undergo medical treatment

Diseases don’t necessarily come at a later age; a lot of young people are diagnosed with diseases that require chemo or other forms of radiation treatment, which can affect their ability to reproduce afterward. A lot of these young people include men and women who are yet to have children.

How egg and sperm freezing help

Fortunately, egg freezing and sperm freezing are viable options that can help them to preserve their fertility so that they can still have children after treatment. Similar to sperm freezing, egg quality is preserved through the freezing process and potential 

For men, collection of sample for freezing may be easier done, women, on the other hand, will have to go through the usual ovarian stimulation process similar to that of IVF in order to produce as many mature eggs as possible. 

When the time comes that they are ready to have children, the frozen egg or sperm may be thawed and a traditional IVF process can be done in order to achieve conception and embryo transfer. 

Wider options for different reproductive needs are definitely one of the biggest advantages that modern technology has provided us. If you are looking into cryopreservation, it is best to consult with your trusted specialist first to see whether it’s right for you and how it can help you and your partner on your journey toward becoming parents.

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