Handmade Fashion Jewelry: Creative Designer Jewelry with Simple Design Features

by Jennifer A. Life Style and Jewelry Blogger

When it comes to jewelry, handmade pieces have always been said to hold more value than mass-produced jewelry which is manufactured in factories. In earlier times, when machinery wasn’t advanced enough, ‘over the top’ pieces featuring diamonds and other gemstones were very popular.

This was because these pieces took time and intricate handiwork, and often came with customizations that were simply not possible in mass-produced jewelry at that time. Over time, while on one hand jewelry prices were brought down due to the advent in technology, the value of handcrafted pieces soared instead.

Over time, these pieces have retained their value. Further, the modern 21st century is probably the best time for a jeweler to exist in, especially if he or she has a knack of creating intricate designs that are unique and authentic. Nowadays, various handheld machines can be used for each and every process, and provides the same kind of quality as bigger factories do.

This works not only to simplify the process of the transformation of an idea into reality, but also empowers smaller jewelers who already have an incentive to create unique designs. Further, unlike before, people are not necessarily fond of ‘over the top’, ‘larger than life’ jewelry pieces that stand out no matter where you go.

This has been further fueled by some new trends, especially those revolving around minimalism, which has further created a demand for handcrafted jewelry pieces with simpler designs. In some cases, these pieces can be extremely simple, such as random shapes, or initials. Regardless, buying handmade fashion jewelry can be an extremely tricky affair, especially online, where you do not get a first-hand look at your purchase. 

In this scenario, buying handmade jewelry from verified sources that have an existing consumer base is highly recommended. Further, the existence of knockoffs and scams especially on various platforms that sell old or second-hand products means that buying new pieces is the better option.
Regardless, even after due diligence, you might not be happy with what you end up receiving, which means that the existence of a good customer policy which allows returns is also important. Regardless, once you are sure of the authenticity, it all comes down to the inherent beauty of the products that you are considering.

My own personal collection that you can see on the Marla Trudine website satisfies all the above conditions. Further, each of the pieces that you see are made in the USA, use 100% natural diamonds and other gemstones, and are personally handcrafted by me. In this article, I have listed out five of the best pieces with ‘simple designs’. These pieces are beautiful, and have gained immense traction over recent months.

Rose Gold Waterfall Bracelet

The 14k Rose gold Bangle Bracelet has a simple open free-form design that is sure to be noticed regardless of occasion and accompanying jewelry. The piece is part of the ‘Dancer’ collection and has various feminine features that take inspiration from various natural phenomena, such as the winding of a river or the curling of leaves.

Each piece is truly unique and beautiful, as is obviously hand-crafted by me. Further, the piece that you see above is available in three different color choices: White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. The bracelet might look random, but complements different types of jewelry pieces rather splendidly, to say the least!

The Holly Blue Heart necklace is one of the more intricate pieces on this list. The necklace features a hand carved blue aventurine stone along with a heart shaped morganite stone that adds to the overall beauty of the piece.

The blue butterfly necklace has a light color scheme and a rather dazzling design which makes you stand out without necessarily being too tacky, or ‘over the top’.The necklace has succeeded in striking the perfect balance between the features expected from old fashioned ‘vintage jewelry’, and modern handcrafted jewelry.

Free-form Opal ButterflyPendant

It is no secret some of the most unique handmade jewelry pieces take inspiration from nature and its various phenomena. This Opal Butterfly pendant features an Ethiopian opal which adds a glittering sheen to the piece, along with a tiny diamond which further adds to its value.

The design itself is truly unique, and has an easy on the eye aura which is hard to miss, and is yet not over-exaggerated. As always, the pendant uses only 100% natural diamonds and other gemstones, and has a plethora of unique design features that makes it fit to be worn for every occasion.


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