Furniture Arrangement Ideas For Small Living Rooms


Everyone wants a living room that is comfy and inviting, complete with personal knick knacks. But not everyone can afford a spacious house, let alone a palatial one where there’s enough room to fit in designer furniture. Some of us cannot even afford to buy designer furniture. For such people, getting furniture for rent in Bangalore seems like a good alternative to do up your home.

But here’s the catch, if your living room is already tiny, how do you make it presentable and functional? Here are some tips on how to arrange furniture in a small living room.

#1 Don’t “Float” The Furniture

Floating is an inside usage among interior designers and it typically means to leave some gap between the walls and the furniture pieces. It has its benefits - makes cleaning easier and leaves enough room for people to move around the furniture. However, in tiny living rooms, floating your furniture is either going to leave very little space to move about or make the space look crammed. Not good either way. If you have a tiny living room, make it a point to never float your furniture.

#2 Limit The Number Of Furniture Products

You don’t need a massive 7 seater sofa in your tiny room. Nor do you need a dozen chairs. Keep it simple. Minimalistic designs are best suited for smaller living spaces and it also has a distinguished feel to it. Having a sofa helps. It doesn’t have to be an entire set, just one 3 seater that can double as a bed will help. Try to mix and match with individual chairs, bean bags and other eclectic pieces.

#3 Push Everything Against The Wall

This creates more space in the centre and allows for free movement. However, this will be nightmare when you have to clean the room. Dust and all kinds of debri accumulate and get jammed between the wall and the furniture pieces. You may need to be more regular with cleaning but at least you’ll get mobility around the living room.

#4 Wall Mount Whatever Possible

Of course, chairs cannot be up on the wall, but everything else, TVs, shelves, display units and anything that can be put up should be put up. If you add an entertainment unit to an already cramped space, the result is a very unappealing and crowded living room that does not let you move around freely. Wall mounting will also take care of the issue of your walls looking bare. Having shelves up on the walls and displaying decor pieces on said shelves, creates a visually appealing image.

#5 Get Multipurpose Furniture Products

Sofas that can be made into beds, benches instead of individual chairs - any multi-utility furniture you can get your hands on would make good choices. That way you’ll get to use the same furniture product for different purposes. This is will also in turn reduce the number of pieces in the living room, thereby creating more space to move around.

Rent Furniture, Instead Of Buying

When you rent furniture instead of buying, you’ll get a lot of flexibility. At nominal prices, you get to use branded, good quality products for as long or as little as you want. If you like to experiment with decor ideas, renting helps there too. If you a young adult, not too sure about where you’ll settle, renting makes perfect sense - both financial and otherwise.

Take a look at Guarented’s rental catalog to see for yourself how amazing our products are. With rented products, you have flexibility, budget protection and the freedom to experiment with your home!

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