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We’re not exaggerating when we say that nobody is a fan of scrubbing clothes with hands to wash them clean. Hand washing clothes are very painful tasks and people around the world are forever grateful to the inventors of washing machines for saving them from the back-breaking task. And you’re someone who still doesn’t own a washing machine, you can always rent an automatic washing machine from Guarented!

If you already have a washing machine, here are 5 easy tips to look after your washing machine and ensure that it stays in good condition!

Never Overload!

This is the unbreakable rule when it comes to caring for washing machines. Overloading, essentially putting in too many clothes, exceeding allowed weight limits will put immense pressure on the motor to spin. This causes irreparable damage to internal parts due to the sheer mechanical strain and overheating.

If your washing machine says 6 kgs, never add more than 6 kgs. Washing smaller loads are ok as long as you set the mode correctly.

Always Empty Pockets

Do not throw your clothes into the machine without checking the pockets first. Coins, paper bits, other solid objects etc could get lodged inside causing the drum to spin incorrectly or worse, block the drum from spinning altogether. That will be an expensive thing to repair.

Best check pockets in advance to ensure that no solid objects are dropped in accidentally.

Do Not Leave Wet Clothes Inside

Most people load the machine, turn it on and forget that such a thing exists until the next load of laundry is due. While leaving wet clothes inside the machine for a few hours won’t do much damage, leaving it in there too long can cause internal parts to rust. Moisture could seep in from the wet clothes and cause irreversible damage to the metal parts of the machine. Make it a point to take out the clothes as soon as possible after washing.

Run An Empty Cycle

Once a month, it would be a good idea to run one cycle on empty. You need not use detergent even. Let the water just wash everything inside and drain out. This could remove particulate material, lint and other buildup left by detergent and soap suds.

Before you run an empty cycle, check the pipes to see if any dirt has accumulated inside them. Let them run for a little so that all the debris is cleared out. Also clean the surface of the machine once a month. Keeping appliances clean is necessary to prevent dust from entering their internal parts.

Professional Maintenance Check

Every 6 months or so, hire a professional technician to give your washing machine a thorough maintenance check. Technicians will also be able to spot lurking faults and damages waiting to happen. This will also give you a quality assurance seal should you choose to sell it in the near future!

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