10 Living room Furniture Arrangement Ideas to create a modern-day functional home

by Rajesh Gupta Content Writer

What Furniture to Keep In Living Room

Modern front room designs became multifunctional while continuing to be stylish and exquisite. Comfortable, functional and attractive living room furniture pieces are an integral part of living room furniture arrangement ideas. Here, is a list of main pieces of furniture to be placed in the living room.

Living Room Sofa

No list of living room furniture would be complete without the trusty old sofa. It should be the primary thing you think that of when contemplating on your living room furniture layout.

Coffee Table

Alongside its utilitarian purpose, the coffee table also provides a vital aesthetic element to the lounge. 

Accent Chair

Accent chairs are beautiful statement pieces, meant to lift up the atmosphere of a front room.


For book and magazine covers, one kind of furniture that may definitely be considered is that the bookcase. 


A bench caters rather more to style than to functionality or comfort. 

Why Furniture Placement Is Important For Modern Home

Most of us would agree that furniture plays a key roll in interior design. Here, are a few points which tell the importance of furniture placement for the modern home.

Furniture Defines Function

Furniture makes an excellent point of interest, so don’t hesitate to place it to good use. Every room should have the furniture in line with its functionality. 

Furniture Dictates Flow of Movement

Speaking of arranging furniture, these groupings also dictate how your friends and family will move through space. It's important to depart the right amount of – physical and visual – elbow room.

Furniture Balances Visual Weight

Visual weight is all about helping balance a space. If you’re addressing multiple, big, heavy components confirm to stagger them throughout the space in order that one size doesn't feel more encumbered than another. 

Furniture Shows Personal Style

Last but not least, the furniture you decide on to permit to fill your rooms is undoubtedly an expression of your unique sense of favor. The pieces that we allow into our homes speak volumes about our personalities.

What are the ideas to make it modern?

Furniture placement plays a key role in designing a comfortable home. The ideas for living room furniture that we'll share with you will facilitate you relieve a number of the clutters of your front room.

Create A Focus

It's essential to form a focus around which the furniture is often arranged. From TV’s to fireplaces, to a view of the garden, or a straightforward artwork, focal points are easy to form.

Mix The Furniture Up

One way to create the front room furniture arrangement less monotonous is by mixing different elements. 

Focus On The Massive Pieces

While within the process of living room furniture arrangement, it's much simpler to assemble the larger pieces first and the smaller elements can revolve around these huge pieces.

Don’t Forget To Decorate With Accessories

While arranging furniture within the front room is crucial, accessorizing the space highlights the fantastic thing about it.

Planning Is Must

It's essential to own a basic plan of action in our heads. From knowing exactly what furniture to use for the front room, to work out a way to bring the most effective of every element, planning is indispensable.

Keep the space LIT

Lighting around the front room furniture maybe a must. Additionally thereto, the focal area must have overhead lighting and table lighting, so as to strike away from balance.

Furniture Arranging Dos and Don'ts

There are few things more exciting than the day you choose you to wish a change - by rearranging your furniture. To assist you in your rearranging enjoyment, we've got do's and don'ts of arranging furniture.

DON’T Shove It All To the Wall

Pushing all the furniture against the wall can make an area seem bigger, but this method lacks intimacy and coordination. Arrange “zones” for your couches and chairs with a point of interest. 

DO Consider Your Space

No matter what you are doing, you’ll never will your room to magically grow extra square feet. Don’t let space be wasted, but don’t make the space look cramped, either.

DON’T Block the Windows

Natural light makes your home feel lighter and fresher and may make small spaces feel larger. Besides, furniture poking above the window looks just strange from outside!

DO Keep Furniture Balanced

Putting two couches on one side of a space and an easy chair or table on another goes to throw viewers off visually. Confine mind, achieving balance doesn’t mean furniture has to be symmetrical. 

DON’T Ignore Traffic

How furniture looks aren’t the sole thing – you wish to think about traffic flow and the way people navigate the space.



Comfortable living room furniture layout that's aesthetically pleasing turns a living room into an inviting and pleasant room. A living room furniture placement plan that coordinates along with your living room architectural features looks just beautiful.

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