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For generations, Indian parents strictly forbade their kids from watching TV because they worried that they would implant “bad culture” and distract children from studies. Thankfully, that mindset is fast being discarded. Recent studies prove that TV viewing has numerous benefits, especially for kids. If you are a parent who wants your child to have a full rounded development, make sure that you have a TV at home. And if you can not afford a new one, you can get a TV on rent from Guarented.

Without much ado, here are 5 reasons why TV viewing is beneficial for children.

Keeps Them Updated On Current Affairs

Kids who watch TV are up to date on social events and news. This gives them a chance to gain better general knowledge and makes them aware of situations around them. For children, perspective building and independent thinking is a vital part of their growth.

TVs help children soak up all kind of visual and auditory content, teaching their brain to process that and make sense out of all that. In short, TV forces them to not just consume content but also to process it. This could help immensely with developing their reasoning skills.

Affordable Recreation

Not every parent can afford to take their kids to Disneyland during summer. Some of us can barely make it through the month without being flat broke. For such parents, TV viewing, as long as it is controlled time and content wise can be the cheapest recreation possible.

Monthly TV subscriptions cost less than a single trip to the local zoo even. Kids can sit at home and see Disneyland, their favorite countries, cartoons and whatever they wish to view!

Exposure To World Cultures

Without TVs or any other medium to expose them to other cultures of the world, children tend to grow up and be pigeonholed. They will not grow up as well rounded individuals either. For good mental development, children need to be made aware of other cultures and the existence of other types of lifestyles. This also develops tolerance and an openness to accept other people for who they are rather than a belief that one’s way of life is always the right one.

Accessible Source Of Information

Most service providers these days include channels solely broadcasting educational content. TataSky even has a subject-wise tutorial channel. Kids can always depend on such channels for a little extra help in their academics.

Also, if parents insist on 30 mins of news viewing every day, their general knowledge and knowledge about current affairs will increase by leaps and bounds. Kids who watch the news regularly tend to grow up and become stronger orators and adults with a broader perspective on things.

Bonding With Siblings And Other Family Members

Most Indian families bond over a daily dose of soaps. Kids too are part of this and enjoy spending time discussing on-screen characters with their family members. All of us have fond memories of fighting with our siblings for the TV remote. Why not give the next generation a chance for making such memories?

Remember, as long as the content they see is monitored and the time they view TV limited, TV viewing can rarely have bad effects on young minds. Research backs the fact that exposing kids to information on TV is excellent for their development. So go ahead, and let your kids indulge in a little idiot box entertainment!

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