5 Reasons Why Microwaves Are College Students’ Best Friends


Ah! The life of a student - high on energy, low on funds. Well, at least for a majority ie. Your student years are the best part of your life and is something that you rarely get to enjoy after a certain age. Which is why you should make the best out of this period. If you are a student who is trying to make ends meet with limited funds, here’s why you should get a second hand microwave.

Unless you live in a hostel and make do with mess food, your largest expense will be feeding yourself. If you have a microwave oven to yourself, you can manage everything from heating water to cooking a full fledged meal with a microwave. Here’s why we think you should get one.

#1 - Emergency Meals

Most students swear by Maggi when it comes to midnight hunger pangs. Not everyone can order takeout each time they get hungry. This is why you need a microwave. A lot of instant foods available in the market require piping hot water to make a meal - be it instant ramen, or soup, hot water is essential. Microwaves can boil a glass of water in under a minute. Having one in your dorm room or your flat you share with fellow students will help you a lot. Especially when one of you is sick.

#2 - No More Cooking On Fire

If you are living in a rented flat with other students, cooking is going to be difficult unless you have a gas connection. And we all know how complicated it is to get a gas connection in a city like Bangalore. It requires submission of documents, leases, ID proof and a host of other KYC papers. Alternately, you can get a convection microwave oven and you’ll have your cooking needs sorted. Modern microwaves can be used in various modes allowing you to cook a host of dishes. No more struggling to get a gas connection. And what’s more? This is fumeless, uses no exhaustible fuel and is less dangerous than gas cylinders.

#3 - Portability

If you are a student, it is almost certain that you won’t be staying put in one place. You may even move to a new place in the same city. It is very difficult to get your gas connection transferred to the new house. However, if you use a microwave, you can simply put that in a bag and carry it to your new place.

#4 - Budget Friendly

As money is one of the primary concerns a student faces, you may find it surprising that we are recommending an appliance that could cost near twenty thousand for a convection model. Here’s where Guarented steps in. We specialize in refurbishing and resale of pre-owned appliances that are in good condition to begin with. We procure unboxed goods - goods that are returned by customers immediately after opening the package or using for a few days, and we subject them to extensive cleaning and refurbishing to restore them to brand new condition. We then sell them at hugely discounted prices, giving our customers to use something that is in top quality at a very affordable price.

#5 - Reduces Needs For Too Many Pans & Pots

Unlike induction cooktops or stoves, microwaves can cook food in plates as such. They don’t need specific teflon coated pans or specific cookware was such. This helps you save money and the need to stock up on loads of pots and pans which students will find difficult to do anyway.

Get Your Microwave Today!

Guarented has an awesome collection of microwave ovens up for grabs. But hurry, as this is a very popular category and products often get sold out in minutes! We promise to deliver all your orders within 72 hrs and we’ll provide excellent customer support along the way.  And that’s not all, all our products come with free service warranty for an entire year! That’s additional budget protection for you! Go ahead, get your microwave oven today!

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