Five kinds of Foods that Can Cause Acid Reflux

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When you feel a tingling sensation followed by a burning on your chest, your stomach and lower esophagus region, then you are suffering from acid reflux or heartburn. Such disease is extremely bothersome as it can later turn out to be a severe pain in your abdomen, feeling of nausea might occur and your entire day can be ruined due to feeling uncomfortable.

There are many causes of acid reflux. One of the biggest reasons for acid reflux is eating too much of oily and unhealthy foods. And if you wish to get rid of the acid reflux symptoms, you should avoid the following 5 kinds of foods that cause acid reflux.

1.      Foods That Are Extremely Acidic in Nature.

Acid is indeed important for our bodies. But what you should avoid is, adding too much of acids in your diet plan. If you are a meat lover, remember that all kinds of meats include proteins and they are acidic in nature. So, when you are feeling a little weaker in your belly, then avoid eating too much of meaty dishes. You can get your daily dose of proteins from substitutes like soya, oats, lentils, nuts and other leafy vegetables.

2.      Fried Foods.

Yes! Fried foods taste amazing and everyone loves it. But it is just your tongue that appreciates fried foods; your stomach doesn’t. Keep an eye on your daily dose of fried foods. It is okay to munch on some French fries once in a while but avoid making it a habit and living in fried foods for forever.

3.      Too Much of Caffeine and Alcohol.

Drinking too much of caffeine and alcohol can disrupt your entire digestive system. It is because when you drink too much alcohol, your body starts to break down the alcohol in your body first. When the food is left without being digested, it causes troubles in your stomach and that is when you have to deal with a lot of troubles with acid refluxes. When it comes to caffeine, drinking too much of stimulates the production of acids in your stomach and the situation worsens. This is the reason why you should avoid overdosing on both these two.

4.      Hot and Spicy Foods.

This actually seems pretty obvious and you know it too. Too much of spicy and got food can make your stomach suffer from acid refluxes to a great extent. Avoid eating too much of chilies, peppers, sauces and spices. And if you have always had an acid reflux issue, you should completely avoid eating such things. Consume at a moderate amount, so that you don’t have to cry over it later on.

5.      Foods That Have A Lot of Sugar.

If you know that you have an acid reflux problem and your body is prone to it, one thing that you must avoid is foods that have a lot of sugar. This also includes processed baked foods. Along with it, you should also avoid fruits like plums and prunes as they are sugary in nature. Above all, avoid drinking too much of carbonated soft drinks and soda.

Author Bio : Reflux MD provides an overview of all reflux treatment. If you are looking for causes of acid reflux get in touch with us so that we can guide you based on the acid reflux symptoms.


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