Best Broly Moves Dragon Ball Fighter Z for Massive Damage

by elina John IT Expert

Dragon Ball Z is a name every 90’s kid grew up with, and even though the series has received several spin-offs and sequels (Dragon Ball Super), people cannot get enough of it. To satisfy our demands, we have Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

The game has every main Z fighter and undoubtedly, the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly is one of the strongest characters with super command grabs, armor moves, and different moves to deal an enormous amount of damage to his enemy. So, here the guide based on the standard notation guide of Arc System Works fighters that users can use to figure out the moves. Before that, some tips are listed below that will help to fight against the strong enemy in a better way.

  • Try to get the corner.
  • Use eraser blow to counter.
  • Don’t rush with the heavy or special move, use light moves at the initial stage.
  • Exploit auto combos.

Default Controls:

Players who do not know, directions are notated with the number system in the ArcSys games based on a keyboard number pad.

  • Down Back or Crouching Block = 1
  • Down or Crouching = 2
  • Down Forward or Offensive Crouch = 3
  • Back or Standing Block = 4
  • Neutral or Walk Forward = 5
  • Up Back or backwards Jump = 7
  • Up or Neutral Jump = 8
  • Up Forward or Forward Jump = 9
  • For Light Attacks (L):  X (XB1) / Square (PS4)
  • For Medium Attack (M):  Y (XB1) / Triangle (PS4)
  • For Heavy Attack (H):  B (XB1) / Circle (PS4)
  • For Special Attack (S): A (XB1) / X (PS4)
  • For Dragon Rush (DR):  RB (XB1) / PS4)
  • For Super Dash (SD):  RT (XB1) / R2 (PS4)
  • For Quarter Circle Forward:  Fireball Motion by rolling the stick from downward to forward, then forming a circle.
  • For Quarter Circle Back:  Hurricane Kick Motion by rolling the stick down to the back and forming quarter portion of circle.

Normal and Special Moves:

  • 5L:  Standing Jab at 10 frames of startup
  • 2L:  6 frame Quick Jab.
  • 2M:  Quick Stomp Attack
  • 5M:  Good Range attack, but a slow startup.
  • 2S:  Cancel normal beam attack.
  • 2H: Air command to grab.
  • 6H:  True command to grab and also cancellable.
  • Raging Quake:  Light / Medium / Heavy + QCF.
  • Eraser Blow:  S + QCF.
  • Gigantic Fury:  Light / Medium / Heavy + QCB.
  • Gigantic Heave:  X+ QCB

Super Moves:

  • Gigantic Charge:  DR = QCF; Level 1 First Super Move.
  • Gigantic Impact:  QCF + DR; Level 1 Second Super Move.
  •  Meteor Shower:  SD + QCF; Final Level 1 Super Move.
  • Gigantic Roar:  SD / DR + QCB; Level 3 Super Move.

Even if Broly does not have fast grabbing move to counter, he still is one of the fighters who’s able to deal enough amount of damage to destroy the opponent using block-strong, Ki blasts, and command grabs as well. So, it is recommended to practice hard and master every Broly move to become a top player conveniently.

Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Mcafee security products at

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