Facts You Should Know About Pico Automotive

A PicoScope Automotive is often termed a lab scope, which turns a desktop or a laptop to a worthy and powerful diagnostic tool. 

Why is the PicoScope Automotive Needed?
Both the lab scope and scan tools are needed in the automobile diagnosis requirements. A scan tool points the mechanics in the right direction to indicate the misfire occurred on a particular cylinder but cannot pinpoint the error. Relying only on the scan tools might lead the mechanics to "part dart" where they have to keep on replacing the parts until the faults are done away with. On the other hand, Pico Automotive helps to -
  • Do away with guesswork, conduct a test on the individual components, and then replace them on necessity. 
  • Discover the troublesome intermittent faults 
  • Conduct an investigation on vehicle problems when the fault codes are multiple, misleading, or null.
  • Diagnosing the starting and charging faults 
  • Using the actuators to trace the non-monitored problems by the ECU, like the injectors and motors.
  • Identifying the mechanical issues like the slipped and compression or wrongly fitted timing belts.
  • Proving the NVH problem source 
  • Reporting all the objective findings to the managers and even to customers 

The PicoScope Automotive helps the technicians to bring up with efficient and faster diagnostics as well as a vivid understanding of the working procedure of the vehicle. Even the workshop owners benefit from the PicoScope. They receive a "fix it right" culture wherein guesswork will help to change only fewer parts, increase customer satisfaction, repeat business, and drive more profits.


PicoScope Automotive Helps to Protect Investment 
While purchasing a diagnostic tool, you are spending both cash and time. You are learning the best ways of using it. Pico Automotive helps in three ways to protect the investment.

  1. The features of the tool are helpful when the technician has just started with the oscilloscope diagnostics. It even comprises of the tools and power as required by the experienced users.
  2. No compromise is made on specification or quality - the PicoScope automotive bought once will provide the same functionality after ten years and remain a crucial diagnostic tool. 
  3. The software updates are free and regular. The newly released features improve the PicoScope capabilities with time.

The features and the promises are the reasons why the vehicle manufacturers, technicians, and customers prefer the PicoScope over the other oscilloscope.

Which is the Apt PicoScope Automotive Choose?
Two and four-channel PicoScope 4225A and 4425A are suitable to use for general workshops. These have floating ground design, 200 V inputs, and ConnectDetect® inputs that make them easy to use and robust scope. 

These two automotive oscilloscopes are loaded with unique and new PicoBNC+ TM interface and rightly work with all the existing BNC accessories for preserving the existing investments. The vehicle mechanics and owners can take advantage of them - 

  • Powered probes 
  • Channel status lights 
  • Smart probe interfacing

Powered Probes
When in connection, the PicoScope helps to power the smart probes, and allows long-duration captures, like drain tests for overnight battery parasitic, forgoing battery concerns. 

Channel Status Lights 
The channel status lights assist in quick and confident PicoScope set up. These show the channels and probes to be connected as even their status. 

Smart Probe Interfacing
The PicoBNC+TM smart probe interface helps in the recognition of the compatible probe and set up within the software. With PicoBNC+TM, there are least chances of incorrect hardware settings. Thus, the intended waveform is properly captured. The 4225A and 4425A diagnostic oscilloscope enable capitalizing on forthcoming PicoBNC+TM probe developments and be at the top of diagnostics.  

Advanced Features of PicoScope Automotive 

  • Measuring Hardware Frequency 
  • A few airflow sensors and flow sensors emit a digital frequency signal. The PicoScope can convert the signal to a conventional analogue waveform after extracting the diagnostic information.

  • Advanced Digital Triggers 
  • This feature is unique wherein the trigger modes help to trigger when the time gap is too long, like when the injector fails in the firing. These can even trigger as well as sound an alarm just as the sensor signal is out of range.

  • Filters 
  • As the wires present in the loom gather noise from certain sources thus, a few signals are noisy. The noise is filtered out by the ECUs. The selectable hardware filters are present in the PicoScope 4225A and 4425A for removing the noise so the mechanic and the car owners can see as the ECU is seeing. 
The PicoScope 4225A and 4425A are built with the latest SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port for interfacing with the PC. Despite the PC having just USB 2.0 ports, the PicoScopes are totally compatible with them. With USB 3.0, the PC will notice faster screen update rates, quicker file saving, and USB streaming.

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