12 Features and Benefits of Autocom CDP+

Autocom CDP+ is the advanced and updated diagnostic tool having numerous in-built security features. These provide the training centres, workshops, and automobile inspection companies with the possibility to conduct reliable diagnosis faster. 

Autocom comprises noteworthy features and benefits which are in turn of great help to the mechanics to detect the errors in the cars. 

Let us find out the list of twelve features and benefits.


1 - Flight Recorder

While driving the car, the real-time parameters can be recorded as it has the flight recorder function.  At the recording time, the specific errors can be highlighted by pressing a button. Likewise, it is easier to investigate the errors detected. CDP+ consists of in-built memory, so there is no need to keep a computer.

2 - Multi-Colour Indicator

Since the CPD+ is equipped with a multi-colour indicator, so the owner and even the mechanics have total control of the diagnostic process. The different sounds and colours communicate the vehicle's' status while the indicator’s placement conveys the ability to see from distance. For instance, when the indicator is alternating between green and blue, it means that the CDP+ is communicating with the vehicle control unit.  

3 - LED Connector 

The LED situated on the 16-pin connector helps in locating the diagnostic connector in the car easily. It can be located even in the dark and even if it is located in an inaccessible place. Both the design and the location are favourable to light functionality. Even when the adaptor cables are used for the cars without the 16-pin diagnostic socket, the LED connector functions with perfection.

4 - Voltage Check 

Connecting CDP+ to the car, the unit checks the car’s battery voltage and then adjusts itself automatically to the voltage level of the vehicle of either 12 or 2 volts. With the voltage getting too high or too low, the CDP+ sends warning with light and sound, and the users are alerted using the battery icon in the diagnostic software. 

5 - Chassis Number VIN 

There is a smart function in the software, which allows reading out the chassis number from the car to be diagnosed. It ensures the automatic selection of the right year and model. Additionally, the engine code for the cars is automatically selected. 

6 - Intelligent System Scan (ISS)

ISS performs scanning through every vehicular system and brings up the faulty codes stored in the system. It is time-saving and gives a quick overview of the real status regarding the entire vehicle. With the ISSS being complete, it is easier to select a proper control system for analyzing the results later.  

7 - Intelligent System Identification (ISI)

ISI works to identify and select the controller type automatically which is mounted in the vehicle. ISI ensures the diagnostic session is done correctly using the exact parameters.

8 - Design and Construction 

Autocom CDP+ is created for enduring rough situations in the workshop. CDP+ comprises of a protective rubber cover to cover all the connections with the protective caps. Its major useful feature is the attached hook to the cable. The hook allows the CDP+ to hang easily on the car’s window when it is being used or for storage on the tools’ cabinet.

9 - Report Functionality 

After the task is done, the completed tasks can be shown to the customers. The in-built report function installed in the software allows the mechanics to add fault codes from numerous controllers in one report, and display both data and graphs generated from the real-time data. The professionals even print the ultimate report for the customers. 

10 - On-Board Functions 

When the system and model are specified in the vehicular selection, the adaptations and adjustments available for the particular selection can be noticed. There is no need to keep the vehicle connected. There is even a step by step guide to keeping up to the easy performance. The vehicle selection even shows the real-time data parameters. 

11 - Universality

Autocom CDP+ is highly equipped with exclusive multiplexer technology which the users can apply on every type of vehicle, despite the communication standard and voltage levels. For these vehicles, where the standard 16-pin connectors are not used, Autocom offers a set of customized and certified adapter cables and kits.

12 - Help Function 

For several On-Board Functions, which include the programming and adjustment, Autocom facilitates detailed instructions as well as help texts for assisting the workers in the diagnosis work. The information regarding the prerequisites is simple to understand, various functions can be properly prepared and implemented. Even the complex functions are simplified for performance. 


Autocom CDP+ is a complete and detailed diagnostic solution. As it is a reliable and quick diagnostic tool, it serves the link between the computer and the vehicle and works well for new and old vehicles. It should be connected to the diagnostic socket present in the vehicle and thus, it starts to establish wireless communication with the installed diagnostic software in the PC. The software is updated on a regular basis with every new car model and additional functionalities.  

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