5 Interesting Facts about Automotive Glass

by Jeremy Thompson Web Marketer
You might be aware that automotive glass is an integral part of your car. From laminated glass windshield to tempered window glass, it plays a major role in increasing the safety of passengers during crashes as well as keeping your vehicle clean by blocking out dirt and dust. But, are you aware of the interesting details related to this important part of your vehicle? If not, let’s dive into five fascinating facts about automotive glass that you must know.

1) Car Windshields Were Optional

In the early days of the automobile, windshields were not compulsory for vehicles. They were a luxury as windshields were costly and only those who could afford used them in their cars. Adding a windshield was an extra feature that was optional to get. People used goggles and scarves to protect themselves from wind and other elements.

2) Shatter-Resistant Windshields Were Invented in the 20th Century

Windshields were not taken seriously in earlier eras as they were typically little more than a sheet of glass. But, the invention of shatterproof glass in the early 20th century by a French chemist, Edouard Benedict us, lead to serious incorporation of windshields into the automobile that we know today. He invented shatter-resistant laminated glass (that crack but don’t shatter) in 1904, but it was not used in vehicles until the 1920s.

3) Damaged Windshield Is the Most Common Reason for Insurance Claim

Cracked or broken windshield is the most common reason for automobile insurance claims. A windshield is exposed to several elements when you drive which can lead to chips, cracks or breaks, thus making the laminated glass vulnerable to damage. That’s why out of all auto insurance claims, windshield accounts for most of them.

4) Windshield Wipers Were Invented by an American Woman in 1903

An American real estate developer named Mary Anderson invented windshield wipers in 1903. While on a visit to New York City in the winter of 1902, she noticed that the motorman of the trolley car she was travelling in had kept both panes of the double front window open because of the difficulty to keep the windshield clear of sleet. After returning from New York, she hired a designer to design a hand-operated wiper to keep the auto glass clear and had a local company produce the working model of the device. She got the patent for the device in 1903.

5) Proper Airbag Deployment Depends on the Windshield

The airbags in the majority of vehicles on the road depend on automotive glass to function. Airbags generally deploy upwards while expanding at the time of impact and bounce off of the windshield to reach in the proper position. If the windshield is damaged or installed incorrectly, then the safety restraint system might not function properly. As a result, when the airbag inflates, it may push the damaged windshield out thus inflating away from you that can cause severe head injury. That’s why it is advisable to get your car glass from a trusted automotive glass manufacturer.

Glass has become such an important component of vehicles that it's almost impossible to believe or imagine it was once optional. The same is the case with other facts about its invention and importance in airbag deployment. If you know any other unique facts about automotive glass, then do let us know. You can contact Xinyi Glass at +1(905) 947-8801.

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