What Are the Functional Features of Pico Automotive?


In your workshop, using PicoScope Automotive shows amazing detail. It enables you to examine the performance of a huge variety of components in all car makes and models.

Pico Automotive

The intricacy of vehicles is rising. As a result, the workshop is faced with increasingly complex diagnostic issues. There has never been a more important time to use a tool that gets to the root of the issue. Only PicoScope can handle the most sophisticated vehicle signals of the contemporary era while providing first-time users with high levels of assistance, lightning-fast capture rates, and high resolution.

When it comes to manufacturing PC-based scopes specifically for automotive use and collaborating with a growing number of the world's top automakers to provide dealer-level oscilloscope diagnostics, Pico Technology stands out in the automotive industry. Because of this expertise, PicoScope is always advancing to keep up with the quick changes in the automotive industry, keeping it one step ahead of the competition.

The capabilities of Pico Automotive are outlined in the sections that follow. This should demonstrate to you how investing in PicoScope Automotive will enable your company to become an expert in vehicle diagnostics and give you a competitive advantage.


It's Important To Keep In Mind That The Picoscope Can Be Used On A Variety Of Machines And Vehicles, Including:

Cars, trucks, bikes, agricultural vehicles, boats, aeroplanes, earth-moving machinery, petrol, diesel, EV, and more.

In addition to vacuum, fuel, and hydraulic pressure signals, noise, tremor, and harshness signals, PicoScope can also pick up these signals when coupled with our selection of accessories. Thanks to our non-intrusive testing procedures, it is risk-free to use and poses no threat to the vehicles or the apparatus.

 Learn to Provide Professional Diagnostics

These tools work together to give your company a strong potential. However, it's how well you can use them in tandem that will guarantee your workshop's continued success. You can view, examine, and comprehend the electrical impulses that various auto parts generate using PicoScope Automotive. As a result, you'll be able to identify a problem's underlying reason. This will improve your company's standing as a reputable supplier of diagnostics, in turn.

 PicoScopes Are Preferred By Automakers

Don't just believe what we say. More than twenty of the top automakers in the world already use PicoScope Automotive as a diagnostic instrument in their dealerships.

The PicoScope is the preferred scope due to Pico Automotive Technology's history and dedication. It follows that PicoScope is universal and does not depend on any particular brand or type.

Useful With Any Contemporary Car

Almost all of the electrical and electronic parts and circuits in a contemporary car can be measured and tested using the Pico Automotive Diagnostics Kits, including:

· Ignition (primary and secondary)

· Pumps and injectors for gasoline

· Charging and starter circuitry

· Starter engines, alternators, and batteries

· MAP, knock, lambda, and airflow gauges

· Timer switches/glow plugs

· LIN bus, FlexRay, and CAN bus

 A PicoScope Automotive can operate on any make or model, whether it is a petrol, diesel, electric, or hybrid vehicle, in contrast to a serial diagnostic tool.  It works well with both passenger and commercial cars. With more than 20 years of expertise designing PC-based oscilloscopes, Pico Automotive Technology is the market leader.   The PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscopes were created from the ground up with automotive use in mind, in contrast to many rival products.  They provide an unmatched fusion of programme features, resolution, memory depth, sampling rate, and bandwidth.  Your PicoScope Automotive will work flawlessly for many years to come by handling fast and complicated signals like CAN bus and FlexRay. 

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