Things to Consider for Eligibility about Surrogate Motherhood

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Surrogate is known as motherhood where a woman carries and gives birth a baby to intended parents. The process is accepting by those parents who have infertility, physical inability, singe people, or gay. So many couples are expecting a child for years to get light of dreams in their family but since they are unable to process. Surrogacy is the most remarkable solution for them. In the surrogacy process sperm and egg can supply by intending parents or may get from donors and reproduce in a surrogate mother.

Although surrogate motherhood is a very popular way for human reproduction but there are some restrictions for those women who are interested to be surrogate. Here is some eligibility for surrogate motherhood.

Age and Physical Fitness:

Age and physical fitness are guided by surrogacy experts. Any woman who is interested to be surrogate, she has to be ager between 22-40 in the USA and 21-38 in European countries.  Another important thing that physical fitness matter here. She should be physically fit with a BMI of 19-32. Unless having proper physical fitness she has to be unable.

Smoking or Drugs Issues:

Any smoker or drug-addicted woman cannot involve with the surrogacy process. It has been clinically proved that drugs or smoking is very harmful to babies. Hence if you are planning to be a surrogate mother then your blood drugs will be tested for the last 6 months.

Previously Success 

Whether a woman wants to be surrogate, she has to be previously successful to give birth at least one baby. The first baby can be birth through vagina or cesarean. However, the woman will be still invalid if she has more than five vaginal births and four cesarean births.

Citizenship and Residency:

Citizenship and residency status is one of the important matters for surrogate eligibility. In the USA a woman cannot be surrogate if she is not a USA citizen.  Unlike other countries in Europe, some third-country nationals also can be surrogate but she has to be legally resident in the country where she intends to process.

Financial Ability

Financial conditions matter everywhere. Women usually involve two reasons like someone work to get deep mental peace or satisfaction. This type of woman works to help others and there are no financial issues are involved here.

A large number of women involved with surrogacy to get money. Although there are some of their financial reasons are here. However, one of the largest amounts of surrogacy costs happens for the payment to the surrogate mother. Due to the high volume of surrogate motherhood payments, surrogate costs in Europe are increasing. Details surrogate cost in the Italian Language.

Legally Free:

The women who are under sentence or punishment by the court, she cannot be a surrogate mother. From the primary medical tents to give birth a baby, takes a long period to process. The surrogate mother should be free from any previous and active court charge as well as intension to keep free in the future.

Final Words:

Surrogate motherhood is sparing worldwide. To process a surrogacy case there is no alternative to arranging a surrogate mother who will carry and give birth to the baby. It is true that a healthy mother can give birth to healthy children. Although are some surrogate eligibility requirements that all are for betterment.  

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