Difference Between Olive Pomace Oil and Extra Light Olive Oil?

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Where on one end both olive pomace oil and extra light olive oil are derived from the same olive oil family,  there are quite a few similarities and differences between the two. This is why we will be going through both these aspects of the oils and also where they can be used to shed some clarity on the whole discussion.

The Making:

Let us first begin with how both these oils are made and extracted. This will help one find out more about the oils and how they can be used as well.

Extra Light Olive Oil:

Extra light olive oil, also known as refined olive oil is essentially the kind of virgin olive oil India manufactures that have been processed to make the oil itself more stable. The oil thus manufactured happens to be light in nature and milder compared to the other variants. When it comes to the retail name of the extra light olive oil, they are also referred to as light or extra light tasting olive oil as well.

Olive Pomace Oil:

Olive pomace oil literally translates to a kind of olive oil that is extracted from the “pomace” of the olive fruit. The pomace of an olive fruit can essentially be described as the pulp that is made from the pit of the olive & the fruit together. Post the olive picking, the fruits are ground to a paste and then squeezed to have the very first olive oil extracted. Post the many squeezing session, the pulp that is left is known as the “pomace” of the fruit.

In order to extract any remaining oil from the pomace pulp, a solvent, usually known as hexane, is added to the pulp. After the initial mixing, the solvent is removed and the remaining oil is refined.

The Differences:

Now that we have been through the extraction process of both the oils, let us get right down to business; the comparison. In order to help one determine the kind of oil they should be using in their everyday life, it is important to know the difference between the two of them.

The Derivative:

Olive Pomace Oil

As it has already been discussed above, olive pomace oil is extracted from the dry pulp post the extraction of the different kinds of olive oils from the olive fruit. That is where the olive oil gets its name from. The pulp is known as the “pomace” and this is what the olive pomace oil is extracted from after certain processes.

Extra Light Olive Oil or Refined Olive Oil:

Upon comparison with olive pomace oil, extra light olive oil is basically produced from virgin olive oil that has already been extracted.  Such olive oils are basically the ones that have been a part of the first cold press batch. These olive oils are then refined to produce extra light olive oil. The olive oils used in this process are not of very high quality when compared to olive oil or extra virgin olive oil, ready to hit the shelves in the market.

The Extraction:

Olive Pomace Oil:

The extraction of the olive pomace oil happens to be a tricker one than most other kinds of virgin olive oil India manufactures. This is basically because it involves the addition of a solvent to the “pomace”, which in turn helps in the extraction of the pomace olive oil from the pulp effectively. Such a solvent is responsible for drawing the oil out. The mixture thus produced is then refined to produce olive pomace oil.

Extra Light Olive Oil or Refined Olive Oil:

The main production aim of extra light olive oil is to use the previously extracted virgin olive oil and refine it. A good virgin olive oil will be the one that has been extracted using a physical process like squeezing in the press or using a centrifuge. The extraction of this oil does not require the addition of any kind of chemicals or solvents.

The Bottom-Line:

Though extra light olive oil and olive pomace oil both are extracted from the same olive fruit, there are quite a few differences in its properties and the way through which it is extracted. This is what makes both of them unique in their own way. 

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