What is Olive Pomace Oil and What is It Best For?

by L&P Global Wine & Olive Oil Exporter
Olive pomace oil is one of the most popular industrial oils used in the market. Its considerably affordable cost makes it a great way to incorporate olive oil’s beneficial properties  into beauty products and other topical remedies.

While it is a lower grade compared to EVOO and traditional olive oil in terms of cooking, olive pomace oil remains incredibly potent, especially when compared to other oil options.

What exactly is olive oil pomace oil and what are its best uses? Here are the facts and just some of the olive pomace oil uses your business should consider. 

Types of Pomace Oil

Crude Pomace Oil

It is considered the most basic form of pomace oil. It is typically obtained by treating olive pomace with solvents. It is pure pomace oil, free of any other oil mixture or re-esterification. Crude pomace oil is usually further refined to meet standards for human consumption.

Refined Pomace Oil

Refined olive pomace oil is obtained by putting crude pomace oil under a refinement process similar to that of refined olive oil. Refined pomace oil requires no further alterations. This type of pomace oil also has oleic acid, giving it free acidity. 

Uses of Pomace Oil

Massage Oil

Containing so much moisturizing properties, olive pomace oil, similar to regular olive oil, can be quite nourishing for the skin. Apart from incorporating it into creams and lotions, the oil itself makes for a great massage oil. 

Apart from making the skin smooth and easy to work with, its anti-bacterial and soothing properties can make a massage all the more beneficial. It’s also cost efficient as it is cheaper than typical olive oil while still being as good for the skin. Users won’t even have to worry about using so much of it because of its affordability.

Hair Care

The oil’s retained nutrients are also great for the hair and scalp. Just like EVOO, it is helpful in treating dryness and itchiness. It is also known to help with frizzy hair, hair loss, and irritated follicles.

Its naturally soothing properties are best experienced when the oil is directly applied to the hair and scalp and left for a while to be absorbed. Olive pomace oil can also be added to hair care products such as hair masks, conditioners, leave-in oils, and much more.


While olive pomace oil is considered of a lower grade when compared to extra virgin olive oil and regular olive oil, it is still significantly healthier than most vegetable oils used for cooking. It can also withstand very high temperatures, making it viable for fried dishes. 

Pomace olive oil is known to have 80% of monounsaturated fat, which is actually significantly better than other oils such as sesame and palm oil. The monounsaturated fat helps manage cholesterol levels, making it a good choice for those trying to maintain a healthy heart. 

If olive pomace oil sounds too good to be true, know that it’s not. You only have to give it a try to experience its wonderful benefits. Better yet, you can try exploring the world of olive oil products with olive pomace oil. The possibilities are truly endless.

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