How is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Different from Ordinary Olive Oil?

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Most of the homemakers are aware of the benefits of olive oil for cooking. However, are you acquainted to the benefits that extra virgin olive oil can bring to you?

Extra virgin olive oil and refined olive oil are the two most common variants of olive oil. However, they differ in terms of use, nutritional value, extraction and of course, flavour. Here, you will come to know about all these details, and finally, whether you can substitute one with other.


Both extra virgin olive oil and refined olive oil are extracted from the fruit of olive trees. However, the method of their extraction differs. In case of regular olive oil, it is refined before the content is bottled. Certain preservatives and additives are added to the oil in the process. The oil looks light yellow in colour.

However, if you want to use the purest form of olive oil, it is recommended to go for the extra virgin variant. You will find the original golden-green colour of olive fruit in the oil, as it does not undergo any industrial processing. The juice is extracted through the cold-pressing process, and then bottled after being filtered. Well, you must be interested to know about the olive oil for cooking benefits. Pomace olive oil, too, comes with certain unique benefits, and you can buy it online from the reputed portals.

Flavour and Nutritional Value

The aroma and flavour in extra virgin olive oil are much stronger than ordinary olive oil. Besides, refined olive oil may turn out to be a little bitter in taste. The level of acidity in these oils determine their gradation. In extra virgin olive oil, the proportion of oleic acid is just 1%, while it is between 3% to 4% in regular olive oil. The proportion of oleic acids show the degree to which the fats get separated, forming fatty acids.

As stated, extra virgin olive oil is the purest form of the product, and the nutritional content in it is greater than ordinary olive oil. As it contains a lesser proportion of oleic acid, it is lighter than refined olive oil. The quantity of polyphenols and antioxidants in this variant is also slightly higher. A large number of people prefer the natural olive flavour and anti-inflammatory properties. Both these variants of olive oil are rich in nutritional content, particularly Vitamins E and K, and various minerals. These make it friendly to the heart, as compared to other types of oil used in cooking. Besides, other kinds of refined oil, particularly sunflower and mustard oil are heavy in nature, which makes it difficult to be digested. Extra virgin olive oil being lighter, can easily be digested by your system.

Can you substitute one of these oils with other?

You must note, that extra virgin olive oil and regular olive oil are used for separate purposes. However, the smoke point, or the temperature at which the oil starts producing smoke in extra virgin olive oil is a little lower. This ensures that it can conserve fuel to a certain extent. While regular olive oil is used for frying purposes, you can use extra virgin olive oil in salads.

If you are looking for the best cooking oil for health, you can buy pomace olive oil online in India.

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