Custom stainless steel precision powder metallurgy parts in China

by xiaolong luo cnc machining shop
Powder metallurgy products are all kinds of mechanical parts and all kinds of products which are made by mixing, pressing, sintering and subsequent processing of all powders (iron powder and colored powder), belonging to high-tech products. Technology is advancing, technology is innovating, and green sustainable development has always been the goal pursued by the times. In the metal forming industry, powder metallurgy is recognized as a green technology. Powder metallurgy technology can be used to manufacture complex shapes, high-strength, high-precision mechanical parts that are difficult to manufacture in traditional processes, with few features, no cutting, material saving, energy saving, and high efficiency.
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Powder metallurgy is a technique for metal forming process by heating and compacting metal powder to below its melting point. Compared with other metal forming technologies, such as forging and casting, the material utilization rate, shape complexity and near net Aspect size control and other aspects have advantages. As a company specializing in R&D and production of powder metallurgy parts, PTJ Shop is fully engaged in R&D and production in the development process. With advanced equipment, strict quality control, superior engineering technology and extensive experience, it gives perfect product features. . At present, the company's products mainly include stainless steel precision powder metallurgy parts, powder metallurgy oil bearing, powder metallurgy intelligent lock parts, powder metallurgy lock parts, powder metallurgy pneumatic tool parts, black powder metallurgy parts, oil bearing bushings, spiral teeth, bevel teeth, etc. .
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In the development process, PTJ Shop uses various forming processes to directly form the powder raw materials into blanks or net-shaped parts with less margin and no margin, which greatly reduces the machining amount, improves the material utilization rate and reduces the cost. Among them, the helical gear tooth surface structure is complex, its special purpose and excellent meshing performance are very demanding on the geometrical accuracy and meshing quality of the tooth surface, while the helical tooth transmission produced by Dongguan Chenghua has more teeth and more uniform transmission noise. It is small and can transmit a large power. It can be used when the two axes are parallel or the two axes are at any angle without intersecting. Therefore, it is widely used in various industries and has been well received by many users.
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Powder metallurgy services technology has been widely used in machinery, transportation, electronics, aerospace, weapons, nuclear industry, biology, information and environmental protection and energy conservation, and has become a dynamic branch of new materials science. In recent years, the global manufacturing industry is accelerating the transfer to China. The automotive industry, machinery manufacturing, metal industry, aerospace, instrumentation, hardware tools, engineering machinery, electronic appliances and high-tech industries are rapidly developing, bringing to the powder metallurgy industry. A rare development opportunity and huge market space. In addition, the powder metallurgy industry has been included in China's priority development and encourages foreign investment projects, and its development prospects are very broad. In the future development, PTJ Shop will continue to accumulate rich experience, specialized professionals, and complete and reliable records. It will be the partner that customers seek and aim to provide high-precision, high-quality powder metallurgy parts. 

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