Body Scrub :Why Body exfoliation is Important in a skincare routine?

by Vanya Luxury Herbal Luxury Brand

A body scrub is generally a particular type of product that is used in exfoliation of dead skin cells and cleansing the skin. Generally, people use soaps for their bodies and forget that their body needs a little more care. The soaps are hard and they generally block the pores and damage the skin cells. Body scrub may be termed as a treatment of the body- a process that removes the dead skin cells and helps the regeneration of cells.

A body scrub contains more exfoliating power while face scrub contains less power. This is because the skin of the body is harder than the skin of the face, and it needs more penetration for effective treatment. 

A good scrub like Pomegranate Body Scrub should be a combination of cleanser and moisturizer. It exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. 

Why they are used?

They are meant for a special purpose. In India, we suffer from pollution, UV rays, burning sun, dirt, and smoke. The dirt particles stick to the skin and block the passage of natural air as well as the nourishment of body cells. the situation becomes more tragic as we do not look into it, and ignore such things in a busy routine. Also, in a hurry, we use soaps on the skin. Generally, soaps are harder and harm the skin. Thus, skin cells lack required nourishment and hydration, which causes wrinkles, aging, degeneration of skin cells.

A body scrub effectively exfoliates the dead skin cells, improves skin condition, fights aging and brightens the skin. They also Possess moisturizing properties that keep skin hydrated and help to fight with sun and UV rays. They significantly improve body texture while resisting oxidation and environmental toxins.

How to apply:

Body scrubs are generally applied just before a bath or during bath. Mix the concentrated scrub with water or rose water just before the application. Before or while bathing, apply the scrub on moist skin and firmly massage your skin in a circular motion. Wash the scrub off thoroughly during your bath and pat your skin gently. 

Apply a light layer of body cream to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

Things to remember

Be careful, a body scrub is not your cup of tea. Depending upon skin type, choose how many times you should apply a body scrub?

  • For softer skin, use body scrubs once a week as the body scrub is a little harder.

  • For skin with rashes or irritation please avoid using a body scrub.

  • For Normal skin, you can use it twice or thrice a week.

Benefits of body scrub-


Body scrub removes the dead skin cells which open the pores of the skin and allows more absorption of water and moisture. 

Refreshed and bright skin-

Body scrub works as a good cleanser which effectively removes the dirt and pollution and brightens the skin. When the pores are opened, more natural air is absorbed by cells and you feel refreshed.


A body scrub is good for fighting with the tan. A country like India, where people are more open to the sun for a long time, can be the victims of harmful UV rays and Cancer.

Where to find a good body scrub?

A good body scrub should be an all-rounder in action. It means a good body scrub is a combination of cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer and much more. Also, stick to pure and natural body scrub as the chemical may be harmful to skin

The pomegranate face scrub is a deeply nourishing blend of pomegranate peel, orange peel, milk powder and natural cane sugar for all skin types.

It combines the peel of pomegranate and orange, milk powder and natural cane sugar and significantly improves body texture, resists oxidation and environmental toxins.

Pomegranate is a fruit rich in nutrition which effectively exfoliates the dead skin cells, improves skin condition, fights aging and brightens the skin.

Its moisturizing properties keep the skin hydrated and help you fight with sun and UV rays.


If you are not using a body scrub, you are missing a trick. they are not necessary for daily use, but using them once in a while is good for the health. One more thing, use pure and natural skincare products.

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