Tulsi and Turmeric Face Cleanser: Best Face Wash Online

by Vanya Luxury Herbal Luxury Brand

Do you think cleansing your face is traumatic? You may but the secret to healthy, young and glowing skin is an excellent face cleansing routine. Every day we have to deal with dirt, pollution, and our make-up removal process. By the end of the day, a lot of impurities stick on our face, which not only blocks the skin pores but also make our skin look dull and tired. Cleaning is very important to keep your skin smooth and boost the radiance of the skin. Thus, investing in a face cleanser becomes necessary. 

What affects your skin condition?

Daily routine- 

Your skin condition depends upon a lot on your daily routine. Exposure to pollution, dirt, heavy traffic is the main barrier of your skin. The particles stick to the face and block the passes of natural air and moisturization. This also causes the skin to become dry and what more; all skin problems start with dryness.

What can help you?

To fight with such situation a cleanser is like a gift of nature. Face cleansers is a skincare product that is used to remove dirt, oil, and pollution. A cleanser is a powerful version of face wash as it can be used to remove excess oil and makeup remover. Regular use of face cleanser combat pollution, dirt and brightens the skin.

Benefits of Face cleansing 

Removing Makeup - The most common benefit of facial cleansing is the removal of dirt and excess oil. Throughout the day, the skin has to face pollution and dirt and it is filled with a layer of impurities. This layer does not allow other skincare products to penetrate and absorb into the skin properly. It means your face creams or moisturizer will have no effects as the skin will not get the proper nourishment. Cleansing your face removes impurities and gives you a fresh look.

Boosting Hydration

Face cleansing is an important part of the skincare regime. CTM starts with cleansing, so you can’t imagine a fresh & glowing skin without cleaning your face. Using face cleanser along with toning and moisturizing keeps skin hydrated and moisturized. It also helps the skin to absorb the moisture. Cleaning maintains the proper pH of the skin and helps you in achieving an adequate amount of hydration. Dehydrated skin looks rough, aged, dull and tired, therefore cleaning becomes necessary. 

Maintaining clear and glowing skin 

Excess dirt and make-up cause blockage of pores and initiate the formation of dead skin cells. Cleansing removes the dirt and dead skin cells. A good cleanser also brightens the skin texture. When your face is clean and clear, you shine with confidence.


Allowing the absorption of other skincare products  

When skin is unclogged and moisturized, products like face cream penetrates deeply into the skin. Thus, clean your face to stay youthful.

What happens if you don’t clean the face regularly?

If we don’t clean the face regularly, the face could experience a combination of severe dryness and irritation from insufficient hydration. Leaving, your face dirty, oily, greasy, dull and significantly aged.

Where to Find Best Face cleanser 

Finding a luxurious face cleanser is the most difficult task because you don’t know which one you need to buy. Don’t get fascinated by the offers and the discounts, given by the companies.

If you are looking for a natural face cleanser then try Vanya’s Tulsi and Turmeric Oil Face Cleanser. It is a blend of 100% pure Aloe Vera juice and Himalayan essential oils of Tulsi and Turmeric. Tulsi’s anti-aging and purifying properties keep skin, clean and youthful while Turmeric is a natural lightening agent that enhances the brightness on the skin.

This face cream is applicable to all types of skin.

Why Use Tulsi and turmeric face cleanser?

  • Brightens and imparts luster on the face

  • Anti-aging face cleanser that helps to regain the youthful glow

  • Hydrates and moisturizes the skin

  • Gives clean and clear skin

  • Gentle yet powerful make-up remover

Apply face cleanser twice a day. First time when you get out of the bed and the second time when you go to bed.

The Final Bid


Cleansing is crucial in maintaining healthy and glowing skin. It is the one step that you should never skip. Face cleanser will help you in your journey to achieving supple, blemish-free skin. Include it in your skincare routine now!

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