Best Essential Oils for Winter : Wellness and Relaxation

by Vanya Luxury Herbal Luxury Brand

Winter comes with a bagful of challenges. Body pain, tiredness, cold and flu are very common in winters. During cold, dark winter months, essential oils can really come in handy—especially for those dealing with stress, body pain, and seasonal depression. For thousands of years, essential oils are being used in aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a natural treatment methodology that uses the essential oils of both trees and plants in various possible ways. It is a science in itself that revolves around the healing effects of essential oils to restore and rejuvenate our lives.

Essential Oils are pure and natural oil derived by extraction and distillation of roots, leaves, flowers, petals or stem of a plant. Generally, they are obtained through steam distillation. Using essential oil promotes mental, physical and spiritual health. There are so many oils available and each oil is different due to its herbal properties and benefits.

There are some oils that are more effective in winters which I am going to tell you and how they can be used for various problems

Peppermint Essential oil:

Peppermint belongs to a mint family and originally found in Europe and America. Peppermint is a hybrid of Water mint and Spearmint and the essential oil is produced through steam distillation of leaves.

Peppermint is known as an aromatic herb and its cooling and soothing properties makes it one of the versatile ingredient in skincare products. It is commonly used for fragrance and cooling effects in soaps and cosmetics. Peppermint is a natural source of menthol which helps to relax tired feet and muscle pain. Due to the presence of menthol, it can be very handy for the treatment of headaches, congestions, cold, cough and flu. Along with menthol, it also contains a good amount of calcium.

Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil-

Reduces Muscle and Joint Pains-

Due to the presence of calcium antagonism in it which makes the oil very effective in healing muscle pain and joint pains.

Apart from Being an analgesic, it is also Anti-inflammatory which helps to soothe infection as well as pain associated with joint pain caused by arthritis. It is safe, naturally prepared and a very good choice for various pains such as knee pain, back pain, and neck pain.

In case of any injury or wound, peppermint oil can be applied to the affected area to reduce swelling, giving pain relief.

Tired Feet Relaxation-

Peppermint essential oil soothing effect is very useful to treat tired feet. For tired feet relaxation, put a few drops of peppermint essential oil in lukewarm water and soak your feet for 10 minutes. You will experience great relief after using this oil.


 Menthol can give instant and effective relief from many respiratory or Breathing problems including nasal congestion, bronchitis, asthma and the most common one, cold and cough. 

For relief from cold, put a single drop on cotton or on a piece of cloth and inhale through the nose. You can also inhale through hot steam. Add a few drops in water diffuser and burn a candle. Inhale the steam directly through the nose.

Room freshener and purifier 

 Peppermint essential oil refreshing and uplifting aroma makes it a wonderful choice for room freshening. Mix a few drops of Peppermint oil with water in a spray bottle and spray to set a relaxing mood in the room.

Eucalyptus oil:

Eucalyptus is a very important to plant because of its oil and wood. It is mainly found in Australia and also known as blue gum, Australian fever tree. There are more than 300 types of eucalyptus available in the world. It is believed to have a number of various medical properties.

Eucalyptus oil is prepared by extracting the leaves of eucalyptus mainly from the most commonly available eucalyptus globule tree. It is very popular because Eucalyptus has an anti-microbial property which and can be used for the treatment of various health problems.

Use of eucalyptus oil:

Relief in cold, cough and flu:

Out of all the essential oil eucalyptus essential oil is very effective because it helps in fighting various respiratory problems like a closed nose, asthma, sinusitis, cold, cough, and flu.

Eucalyptus essential oil improves many respiratory conditions because it helps to stimulate your immune system, provide antioxidant protection and improve your respiratory circulation. It is one of the most effective essential oil for cough because it works as an expectorant, which helps in cleansing your body’s micro-organisms and toxins that are making you cough and feel lousy.

Eucalyptus oil helps to open up the sinuses and cool the nasal passage. To get relief from cold, add a few drops of the oil to hot water and inhale the steam, or add it to your diffuser. Alternatively, rub a little oil on the pillow to ensure a good night - sleep if you are troubled with congestion and wet cough.

Pain relief:

Eucalyptus contains Eucalyptol which is 70% off the oil and is known as an antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. It is very effective for muscle or joint pain thus more often prescribed by doctors in knee surgery and joint pain relief. Applying it for 20-30 min daily can bring a miracle for the patient.

Rejuvenates Spirit:

Eucalyptus has purifying and soothing properties thus it can improve mental stability as well as keeps mind active and alert. Eucalyptus essential oil has a sweet and earthy aroma which rejuvenates your spirit and relieves depression.


Each essential oil is very concentrated so never ever use it directly. Always dilute with any carrier oil and never use essential oil for internal use. Use them topically.

Conclusion – 

Always, buy pure and natural essential oil from a well-known brand. Buying essential oil from here and there will never help you. Use them accordingly to enjoy the winter season.

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