Benefits That Cool Sanitary Pads Provide?

by Harleen Kaur Content Writing

Have you ever dreamed of having your monthly cycle minus all the irritation and even the leakage? Well, you are in luck because this new sensation in the market, the cool sanitary napkins have made it their mission to do precisely that.

This ultra-thin sanitary napkin ensures that they give the most comfortable feeling all through your monthly cycles. Here is a run-down of the benefits of Cool napkins:

Staying Cool:

How would you like to keep feeling cool all through your periods, each month, because that is exactly what these cool sanitary napkins have in store for the wearer. These sanitary napkins happen to be the very first in the Indian market that helps the wearer feel less irritated and more comfortable -- thanks to its cooling technology.

This is due to the fact that the pad is made up of a unique Japanese coolpad technology that gives the wearer a wonderful cooling effect due to the presence of a menthol formulation in the pad.


One of the main issues that most women face when it comes to dealing with periods is the fact that at the end of the day, any pad ends up giving off a foul odour that can seldom be tolerated. However, with the cool sanitary napkin, females do not have to worry about those issues in the least. These new cool pads are made with the aim of making the wearer feel fresher. That is the reason that these cool napkins have cool water fragrance.


Apart from the comfort factor of a pad, another thing that is always important for any girl or women is the absorbency power of a pad. The better the absorbency, the better it is for any woman/girl. When a pad has good absorbency, the chances of being faced with leakages goes down to a great extent. The absorbent sheets on the cool sanitary napkins ensure that the pad absorbs the flow till its last layer, hence leaving the topmost layer cleaner.

Ultra Slim:

Another amazing feature of these napkins is that despite the fact that the pads come with a wonderful absorbency power, they also happen to be brilliantly comfortable for the wearer. This is because the napkins happen to be ultra slim in thickness the slim pad also helps it be gentler on the skin of the wearer, thus getting rid of any chances of rashes appearing. Super-large Sizes:

XL+ and XL size sanitary pads are always the best friends of women and girls when it comes to the heavy flow days. The cool sanitary pads are no exception. With a length of 323 mm and 290 mm, these pads are brilliant at preventing leakages in the most flawless way possible and offer extra protection from them as well. These cool sanitary pads happen to be one of the best products available in the market in this day and age and they also offer plenty of benefits to the wearer whilst ensuring that they are at their most comfortable during their periods. One can even find sanitary pads online to purchase on a regular basis if ever the need arises.

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