How to Use Tampon Sanitary Pads the Best Way

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Women who use some exceptional quality menstrual products such as tampon sanitary pads experience better comfort during periods. Not only quality but the technique of using them the right way also plays an important role in giving them the best support and protection from leakage. Continue reading.

For all women out there, the importance of using some of the best quality menstrual products such as tampon sanitary pads is huge. The quality of these products determines what your experience is going to be like. With heavy blood flow, premenstrual symptoms such as nausea, mood swings, aches in different parts of your body, extreme fatigue and so on, menstruation itself is a difficult experience every month. Therefore, using some good quality products may eliminate a lot of additional troubles such as discomfort, skin rashes, skin irritation, bacterial infections and leakage. You will find so many different categories and variants of sanitary pads and tampons in the market today that it may put you in a conundrum of which one to pick. The best way to make your pick is to find out what you need in your product.

Whether you use sanitary pads or tampons, you need to make sure that they provide the best comfort. No matter how absorbent your product is, if it is not comfortable to your skin, you won’t feel good. To talk a little about both these products, they both help in soaking up the menstrual blood but their usage is very different. While sanitary pads are to be attached to your panties, tampons require being inserted right into your vagina. This difference of usage is what drives many women away from tampons as they worry about the product being lost inside or not giving sufficient protection or causing leakage or so on. But, none of these are true and tampons can also be as comfortable as ultra thin sanitary napkin. All you need is to get the hang of using them and once you do, you will surely go back to them.

To use a tampon correctly, all you have to do is either put one of your legs on top of a stool or just simply squat. Then, carefully insert the tampon inside your vagina and remember to leave the string out. This string helps you in pulling it out whenever you need. Today, brands have created some easy to use applicators which come with every piece. This applicator helps in smoothly gliding the tampon inside without you having to put any extra effort. Therefore, if you are skeptical about trying tampons, these applicators will make your job even easier than ever before. For better safety, if you are going to try it for the first time, do it when you are going to stay at home. You can also use these tampons for heavy periods. Some women often make the mistake of using two methods at once, such as using a sanitary napkin while they are already wearing a tampon. This can often do more harm than any good to you.

The market today offers different variants of tampons and the two most popular ones are the - Regular tampons and super tampons. You can use the regular tampons for your normal to light flow days and the super ones are for your heavy flow days. Both these variants come with easy-to-use applicators with each piece.

Coming to sanitary pads, one of the best variants available in the market today are the overnight napkins. The overnight sanitary pads are specially created to give you protection from leakage especially at night. Therefore, if you are someone who experiences extreme discomfort that results in sleep deprivation, must get your hands on these. These napkins come with a wider hip guard which helps in covering your panty entirely from the back so that the blood drips right on top of the napkin and not anywhere else. They also come with a flexi absorb system which makes the napkin to move along with your body and soaks up the blood flow even as you toss and turn in your sleep. This way these napkins make for the best sanitary pads for night time.

To maintain good hygiene during your non-period days, it is highly recommended that you get your hands on some panty liners. Panty liners help in soaking up your regular vaginal discharge and keeping you fresh all through the day. You need to attach them to your panties and keep changing into fresh ones every three to four hours or less. They also come with a subtle fragrance which keeps vaginal odour at bay and keeps you smelling good. These womens panty liners are very affordable and available in both online and offline stores.

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