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Disposable baby diapers have revolutionized the parenting journey by bringing in ease, convenience and hygiene. And it doesn’t stop there. Now you can buy the best diapers online and save your precious time. All parents want to keep their little ones away from discomfort and pain. Diaper rashes are a common concern among parents. Whether you use disposable diapers or cloth nappies, most babies do end up developing diaper rashes at some point or the other. If your baby’s bum is red, inflamed and tender, it’s a diaper rash. Diaper rashes can irritate the baby, and also cause pain.

Following some precautionary steps can mostly prevent the occurrence of diaper rashes in babies:

       Even the best baby diapers have to be changed frequently. Usually, a diaper change is needed every 3 hours or when it is soiled. With newborns, this change is more frequent.

       When using cloth nappies, you will have to change every time the baby wets or poops. A baby’s stool and urine are acidic. Direct contact with the baby’s skin causes rashes.

       When changing diapers clean the baby’s bottom with a wet wipe and always pat dry with a soft cloth or tissue.

       Leave the baby diaper-free for some time every day. Lay your baby bare bottom on a clean towel and let the skin breath.

       When changing the baby from a soiled diaper, clean him with warm water a few times daily. Especially at night, when the baby will be in the diaper for an extended period, wash him with warm water during a diaper change.

       For the first year do not use soap on your baby’s gentle skin. Simply bathing the baby with warm water is enough.

       If your baby has sensitive skin avoid all perfumed products like fragrance baby wipes and soaps.

       When travelling use diaper creams as the baby will be wearing a diaper for an extended time. Diaper cream creates a protective layer on the baby’s skin and prevents direct contact with urine or poop.

       Breastfeeding mothers should be careful about their diet. If the mother is consuming processed and spicy foods, the baby is more susceptible to rashes.

       Be mindful when introducing new foods to the baby’s diet especially acidic foods like citric fruits, tomatoes, etc. Watch for any changes in the stool pattern and rashes on the baby’s skin.

       Cloth nappies have to be washed thoroughly after use. Pre-soak the soiled nappies and use mild detergents for cleaning the nappy.

       If your baby’s diaper is too tight it will prevent airflow and keep the baby’s bottom moist making it prone to rashes. And if the diaper is too big, it will result in leakages. Check the diaper sizes available and pick up the most appropriate fit when shopping for your baby diapers online or at the store.

       Some diapers for babies can cause rashes. If your baby is sensitive to a diaper brand immediately discontinue its use, try other brands.

Whether you buy diapers online or from your local departmental store, carefully study the materials that go into making the diaper. Choose diaper brands which mostly use natural ingredients and are free of fragrance and lotion. Hope these tips will help you keep your baby diaper rash free. Follow these precautions and let nothing stop your baby’s fun time and peaceful sleep!

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