Tips to help you Choose the Best Pads or Tampons

by Harleen Kaur Content Writing

Pads are made up of absorbent sheets which ensure that there is no leakage. Tampons are smaller in size with absorbent powers ensuring that females can wear anything and everything they wish to.

Females are selective when it comes to choosing the right kind of sanitary product for them. One considers the absorption level of the pad/tampon and whether or not the product will provide comfort in the long run. Size of the product and its fragrance is also considered by females when purchasing menstrual hygiene products. We have listed a few guidelines for readers to refer to when purchasing women’s sanitary napkins or tampons to maintain feminine hygiene. 

Make the first choice:

The very first choice you have to make is whether you want to use a pad or a tampon. Sanitary napkin, made from a deep absorbent sheet, is used by the majority of women during menstruation. Tampons, on the other hand, have now become popular and are being used by females who lead an active lifestyle.

It is not necessary to use only one product out of the two as both tampons and pads have equal importance. Deciding which product to use when is more important when it comes to dealing with menstruation. 

Women Sanitary Napkins:

It is a commonly known fact that, in some way or another, pads have been around for quite some time now. Till the year 1921, women used to use cotton rags or even different kind of washable menstrual pads, to help them manage this time of the month.

However, now, just taking your pick out of the line-up of the various brands available to us of comfy sanitary pads can be a confusing task. Pads happen to be one of the best options for girls who have just started their periods as they happen to be more user-friendly, to begin with during this time.

               Women Pads come in various shapes and sizes and with different absorbency powers as well. If you are someone who has a heavy flow during the first few days of their periods, then opting for an extra-long size can be very helpful as they tend to absorb more when compared to mini or smaller pads with less absorbency power, ideal for the concluding days of your periods each month.

               Sanitary Napkins are now being made with multi-leak control lines which prevent the flow from getting collected in the centre and allow spreading through the edges. Certain brands are also offering pads which have an excellent absorbent sheet which makes sure there are no stains.


               Tampons happen to be a great choice for women who are physically active and have a job that pretty much requires them to run around non-stop. The great thing about tampons is that they also do not interfere, in the least bit, with workouts or even swimming for that matter.

               Like pads, tampons are also available in a variety of choices for women. Regular tampons can be used for normal flow whereas super tampons can be used for heavy flow by females.

Tampon brands are emerging at a fast pace in the market to make the lives of active and sporty women easier. A tampon’s price is quite economical when it comes to comparing it with the amount of convenience it provides.

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