Are you looking for sanitary napkins that are organic cotton sanitary pads?

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There is a diametrically opposite relationship between menstrual hygiene and comfort. Besides the mess your period blood creates, hormones acting up could make you grumpy and moody. Additionally, the menstrual products available don’t make things any easier. Using sanitary napkins can stain your clothes or cause you to develop rashes, and the smell on the napkins may trigger migraines, so you wish there was an easy and better solution for menstrual woes! 

Even though organic period products have a lower plastic content than conventional period products, women who live an environmentally conscious life often find it challenging to find the right organic period products for their needs. In addition to maintaining healthy menstrual hygiene, we can use natural and organic cotton sanitary pads in several ways.

Using organic cotton sanitary pads has many benefits: 

Skin-friendly and soft 

Using cotton or other materials such as corn fiber or bamboo fiber, natural or organic pads allow trapped heat and moisture to evaporate because there is a better flow of air, which enables the skin to breathe. It is best to avoid storing heat or moisture in your body during menstruation to avoid infection or irritation. In contrast to conventional pads, cotton or corn-based top layers prevent rashes, skin irritation, and allergies caused by synthesized plastic. As a result, there is less chance of becoming infected by bacteria. 

Easily biodegradable 

Pads made from natural or organic materials can effectively and positively influence the amount and quality of waste generated. Since natural sanitary pads consist of natural fibers like cotton, corn, and bamboo, they are highly biodegradable. According to experts, single-use plastics decompose over 800-1000 years and continue polluting the soil. Organic cotton menstrual pads degrade in only two years, thus helping us come closer to a sustainable environment in the fight against climate change.

Contains no chemicals

Typical sanitary pads consist of polyolefin, which can irritate the skin. Because of traces of toxic dioxins (a result of the bleaching process), stains can occur on the pads. You are choosing a more hygienic, chemical-free lifestyle when you choose an organic alternative. As well as gynecologists, these pads provide comfort because they are rash-free and do not cause allergies. Natural products ensure that the napkins are soft, cushiony, and highly comfortable, so much so that you will not feel as if you are wearing them at all. 


Here are reasons why you should switch to these pads if you still need more convincing! Therefore, organic pads won’t just benefit the environment. They will also help farmers supply the raw materials used to manufacture the pads. These pads come from organic raw materials, which are grown without pesticides. These pads are therefore chemical-free. 


Organic sanitary pads aren’t nearly as expensive as conventional ones, despite some concerns about their price. It costs much more to buy a month’s supply of organic pads than to buy a cup of coffee or a pizza. A bit more money spent on an eco-friendly, healthier and more comfortable option is a great idea, plus it contributes to a healthier and safer environment.

We all want hassle-free and healthy menstruation. In other words, what better way to benefit yourself and the environment than switching to an alternative? Women can significantly contribute to a healthier, greener environment by switching to natural and organic sanitary pads.  Order online pixie organic sanitary pads for amore comfortable and healthy life.


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