Bedbugs- Menace Since the Jurassic Era Till today

by Shailendra Kumar Tech Reviewer

There’s an old saying, as hideous as it may sound; “Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite”. And these little devils are a menace to you at night if you have them on your beds.  The worst part about this blood-sucking infidels is that they have been here long before you or I did. 

Recent reports state that these monsters pre-existed even before the cave-men, our ancestors; since about 115 million years ago. These little guys have been feeding on our ancestors’ blood since the days of the caves and then they grabbed a home in our bed. But…. Enough is Enough! In Texas, we say,  “No room” for the bedbugs in our beds! And hence we need Bedbugs removal Austin ASAP.

Bedbugs: A Historical Breviary

As we’ve already stated, bedbugs have existed in the Jurassic or pre-historic era. But they somehow found ways to reproduce and multiply all through the year, post- Industrial Revolution and the appearance of electricity. Researches state that these parasites used to, before the rise of humankind fed on animals. Their fossils have made the fact of their pre-historic existence evident.

Bedbugs! O Why?

Several reasons cause them to be reproduced and then multiply. The most common homes of these parasites are:

•    If you commute using Public Transportation, you might just invite the bedbugs to your beds.

•    Another habitat for the bedbugs are the Nursing Homes & Hospitals and their beds

•    Thrift Stores and Garage Sales are other sources of these parasites

•    Movie Theaters can also be home to them and you might open the doors by carrying them from there to your homes.

•    Another home to these wretches is the Rental Vehicles which is a depot of the bedbugs.

These are only some of the sources from which the bugs creep into your homes. To get these blood-suckers out of your, homes is that you go for “prevention is better than cure” philosophy.

 Preventive Measures

•    Have you been on a trip lately and brought back some bedbugs? Well, use that vacuum-cleaner you’ve got; on your luggage bag, its content and the bed; and get them outta there.

•    Red or brown blood marks on the bed? Yep! You’ve got bed bugs in your bed. Remove them using the cleaner or wash the sheet and the pillow covers, don’t be a lazy lump!

•    If you’re on a trip, remember to get a plastic bag to keep your luggage in, during your stay in particular stay in the respective hotels.  

•    Make sure you do not pack or unpack your luggage on the hotel-room bed! You might carry in bed bugs!

•    Bedbugs are nasty creatures that come out in the dead of the night, so it is only just to keep a track of them using a torch and/ or flashlight or a torch to detect the signs of a possible infestation.

•    For heaven’s sake! When you enter into a new home avoid bringing in second-hand furniture, mattresses and what not with you. You’ll probably say, “But they’re cheap!” Agreed! But they could be homes to bedbugs and trust me- you don’t want them in that beautiful new home!

•    Pets? Yeah! they’re a part of the family and they’re cute! But they can house those imbeciles and little devils, the bedbugs. Check for bedbugs signs from the places where your pets sleep.

•    Bedbugs are pretty elusive and hard to get rid of and that is where you need a professional aide. Have you checked DM Pest Control located in Texas?

Having said all of the above, get those parasites out of your house! If you are looking for Austin pest control, none have an outstanding service as that of the aforementioned pest control services.

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