The 5 Most Common Refrigerator Issues to Watch Out For

by Shailendra Kumar Tech Reviewer


Refrigerators are essential appliances that find their place in any regular household. In fact, you could even go on to say that they are, by all means, indispensable. Imagine a household without a fridge! Sounds impossible, right? Refrigerators not only serve to keep your consumables fresh but also aids in preserving your cooked meals over multiple days.

However, electronic goods are prone to inconsistencies. So, a situation may occur where your refrigerator may betray you in the sweltering heat of this summer. Does not sound pleasant at all!

So, while the proverb goes as “Prevention is better than cure,” why not get an insight into few of the possible roadblocks that your refrigerator might face? After all, being forewarned is being forearmed.

For your convenience, here is a list of the five most common issues that your fridge may encounter.

      1. Dysfunctional defrosting

This is when your refrigerator fails to get rid of the accumulated ice in its deep-freezer resulting in a considerable decrease in its performance.

This buildup of ice can happen due to its build up in the defrost drain, for one. It can also happen due to the displacement or dislocation of the drain strap. In any case, flawed defrosting can prove to be a considerable hazard for refrigerators and also lead to increased power consumption.

In most instance, a single door refrigerator is likely to face this issue. Multi-door refrigerators are much more efficient on this front.

      2. Inadequate cooling

Improper cooling, although a commonly faced issue, mostly happens due to a faulty temperature-control thermostat. Additionally, dirt clogging of condenser coils placed under or behind the refrigerator body also emerges to be a prime reason for interrupted or insufficient cooling.

Clogging is an issue generally faced by older refrigerators. Newer models have better, evenly spaced coils ensuring proper cooling throughout the fridge. Better spacing of the coils provides a solution to the clogging problem therein as well.

      3. Leakage

Leakage is yet another common occurrence not only in a single door refrigerator, but even double door variants might contradict this predicament. Usually, a clogged defrost drain, or a defective water inlet valve might be responsible for this.

Pertaining to this, a 3 door fridge equipped with newer technologies is more adept to handle this problem. With better-engineered compartments that allow the proper spacing of inner components, such refrigerators have the edge over their single and double door counterparts. 

      4. Noisy compressors

Imagine a continuous humming noise originating from your fridge. Irritating, isn’t it? More often than not, this is an indicator that your compressor is running out of steam, or there’s an accumulation of minerals on your water-inlet valve. In other words, refrigerators facing this problem are getting old. If this pertains to the one you own, then it is time you get a new fridge.

      5. Freezing of food

Sometimes, you might notice your refrigerator causing over freezing of its belongings instead of keeping them fresh. In this case, it is either your temperature control thermostat or the thermistor that is malfunctioning, and is consequently, in need of replacement.

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Such situations are likely to occur either due to an impaired temperature control thermostat or due to a damaged thermistor. In either case, repair may not be an option and may require a replacement of the said component.

So, when your refrigerator faces any of the above situations, it is time to call a technician home. However, if your choice lingers on buying a new refrigerator, then with credible brands like Electrolux, Samsung or Haier, you have a myriad of choice of disposal.

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