Fight - Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

by Kevin Smith Author

In past decade or so, the United States has been invaded by a nearly invisible, seemingly unstoppable enemy that preys on us while we sleep. It sounds like a horror movie premise, but it's the truth and it's referring to bed bugs. Bed bugs feed on human blood. They can go undetected for long periods because their tiny, flat bodies allow them to easily hide in inaccessible places like bedframes and behind wallpaper. They can go several months without feeding and resist "home" methods of extermination. If you or someone you know needs a bed bug exterminator in St. Louis MO, read on to find out about a miraculous innovation that can eliminate the infestation.

The bed bug problem has been growing worse in recent years, with exterminators treating record numbers of cases throughout the U.S. Cleanliness is not a factor. Bed bugs can strike multi-million-dollar residential homes, five-star resorts, and even cruise ships. They are most encountered in public high-travel areas, such as hotels, and are most often found in metropolitan areas. Airports, movie theaters, dormitories, and even public transportation can house bed bugs, though they are most commonly found where people sleep. They attach to people's belongings and can unknowingly be transported long distances. Though bed bugs do not carry disease or destroy material, the itching can be intense, cause a severe allergic reaction in some people, and have a negative psychological impact on those affected.

A bed bug infestation is one of the most traumatic experiences a family can face. You may feel as though your home has been invaded, you may feel violated and embarassed, and you may be facing expensive and toxic extermination before you can continue on with your life. Fortunately, there is new technology that not only quickly and permanently eradicates bed bugs but does so safely and without the use of chemicals. Studies are determining that bed bugs are developing resistance to pesticide treatments. What's more, many of these chemicals have adverse affects on human health, not to mention a perturbing smell that may linger in the home.

A bed bug exterminator in St. Louis MO is one of many that has adopted a safe, effective, swift approach using extreme heat circulated throughout the infested area using special machines. Less preparation is required than for a chemical treatment, and there will be no lingering odor or toxins. If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to reclaim your home, your peace of mind, and ensure you and your family's best health, consider bed bug heat treatments today. 

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