The Top 5 Myths about Bedbugs

by Kevin Smith Author

Bed bugs are incredibly fast-spreading critters that are known for biting humans while they sleep, drinking their blood to fuel their high rate of reproduction. 

Despite how common they are, there are common misconceptions about these terrible insects. These are the 5 worst myths, and the truth behind them.

Bedbugs Are Microscopic

While dust mites are too small to be visible to the human eye, bedbugs are actually visible. They're usually small, small enough to fit between two fingertips. However, their eggs are very difficult to see with the naked eye. 

The misconception here is likely due to the fact that bedbugs are excellent at staying hidden. You may see the signs of bedbugs, rather than the bugs themselves. Signs of bedbug activity include trios of bites on your body when you wake up, and black spots in the corners of mattresses and drapery.

Bedbugs Are Harmless

While they're not poisonous, nor do they tend to carry deadly diseases like other parasites, including tics and mosquitoes, bedbugs are anything but harmless. They are major allergy irritants, causing allergic attacks in some. They're also harmful to those who have asthma. Also, their bites can cause skin irritation. 

They Have a Short Lifespan

This is technically true, but it doesn't mean what you think it does. You should know that a bedbug problem will not treat itself. While bedbugs only live for up to a year, they reproduce extremely quickly. In fact, adult females will lay several eggs per day. This means that a bedbug infestation won't disappear within the year. The problem will worsen as they reproduce at exponential rates.

Ordinary Pest Control Kills Bedbugs

Ordinary pest control methods, including preventative sprays and liquid layers, are ineffective at stopping bedbugs. While you can spot spray individual bugs to kill them, bedbugs are resilient. They nest in tight and hidden areas, where many pesticides can't reach them. Even worse, their eggs are difficult to kill. However, this doesn't mean that they're invulnerable to pest control methods. You just have to use a more intense technique. You can purchase a bed bug machine, an intense heater that kills all adult bedbugs, their eggs, and their larvae. Heat treatments are thorough enough to kill them wherever they nest.

Bedbugs Can't Be Stopped

You aren't helpless in the event of a bedbug infestation. You don't have to move or throw your valuable clothing and bedding away. In fact, all you're missing is the right treatment. If you purchase a heating bed bug machine at the first sign of bedbugs, you'll eliminate the problem before it explodes into an infestation. 

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