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Everyone loves a nice pair of shoes, but it is essential to make sure that those shoes will last long since you do end up paying quite a bit for them. So how do you make sure that you have bought the right high heels? Here are 9 Things To Consider While Buying A High Heels that will make your shoe shopping much more efficient, and you will get shoes that are perfect for you.

1. Check Size

As soon as you are about to shop for shoes, measure your foot size first. Most stores have equipment for the same and sizes differ from brand to brand. So, the first thing is to check your size before you choose a shoe and it ends up being a bad fit. Look for shoes that are snug, and neither choke your skin nor leave too much space between your skin and the shoe.

2. Buy Shoes At The End Of The Day

Surprisingly, your foot size isn’t the same throughout the day. They tend to swell up a bit at the end of the day due to walking around and working. So, go shoe shopping in the evening, to ensure that your shoe fits you the whole day and doesn’t end up becoming too tight towards the end of the day. Shop online for the best pair of heels using Flipkart coupons, and get amazing deals.

3. Walk Around Wearing The Shoes

This is one of the main rules while shopping for any type of shoe, but is all the more important while shopping for heels, as you don’t want blisters of your feet because of choosing the wrong shoe. So walk around the shoe shop while choosing the right pair of heels, and pick them only when you are absolutely sure.

4. Check The Sole And Heel

Make sure that the sole and heel are strongly attached to each other. You don’t want to twist your ankle while walking due to the heel being too loose. Falling while wearing heels can result in pretty bad injuries, so you would want to be careful while buying your heels.

5. Get Heels With A Layer Of Rubber

Heels that have rubber at the end provide you with better grip while walking on smooth surfaces. This also prevents you from losing your balance or falling. Heels without rubber are near impossible to walk in. Check out your shoes well before purchasing them, and shop online using Flipkart offers.

6. Check The Insoles

Shoes with lining only on the sole aren’t as comfortable as those with lining on the sides as well, for obvious reasons. Also, make sure that the lining is of natural material rather than synthetic as natural material allows your skin to breathe and is far more comfortable and healthy. Get the best collection of heels online, using Flipkart cashback offers and save up for your next pair of heels!

7. Synthetic Material Isn’t The Best Choice

Heels made of leather or vegan options are the best choice of shoes. Synthetic shoes aren’t half as comfortable and don’t last longer than a few months. Natural material will last for years and you will fall in love with the shoes.

8. Heel Height

Heels come in four ranges of height, 4-5 cm, 7-8 cm, 10 cm, and 12-16 cm. If you are looking for heels that you can wear to work every day, then we suggest you go for something between 4-5 and 7-8 cms long. Shoes for cocktail parties or dinner occasions have around 10 cm high heels, and these are quite comfortable. However, if you are buying heels that are 12-16 cms high, then you may want to know that these cannot be walked in, and only if you are sure that the occasion that you are buying shoes for does not require walking around, then buy these shoes.

9. Remember Your Wardrobe

You are buying heels to go with your outfits. So always remember to buy shoes that will go with at least two or three of your outfits. We would suggest that you buy something that you can pair with most of your outfits. Don’t buy heels just because they look good. If you can’t match your heels with your clothes, then that is quite a waste.

You are now ready to go shoe shopping! Get those pumps, platforms heels, or stilettos and rock the world. A fair warning: it is unwise to wear heels for too long, or too often. They are infamous for causing back problems and body pains. Also, avoid walking in heels too much. It can get quite painful by the end of the day.

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