Why Are High Heels Harmful To Your Feet?

by Alice Wilson Professional Writer

Shoes are an essential part of the human outfit and have served both practical and aesthetic purposes throughout history. At the same time, they are also a source of great discomfort when not used properly or in an unsafe manner. You might need the help of experienced podiatrists st Kilda if you wear heels on a daily basis.

Many people will wear high heels without realizing that they can put pressure on their feet as well as cause back pain and other issues related to posture.

Common problems caused by women’s footwear

  • Muscle strain and foot pain.
  • Back pain.
  • Knee pain.
  • Ankle pain.

The problem with high heels

The problem with high heels is that they can cause a lot of problems in the body. They can cause pain, swelling, and inflammation in the foot and ankle joints. They can also put pressure on your knees. 

High heels can also create problems for your hips and lower back as well as cause neck pain when you wear them for a long time.

High heels can also cause problems with your feet. They can cause bunions, hammertoes, and calluses. The higher the heel on your shoes, the more likely it is that you’ll have foot problems.

Podiatry Windsor

Experienced podiatrists suggest these solutions

Even if high heels aren't the best choice for you, there are ways to reduce the damage they can cause. If you have to wear them, try these tips that are recommended by experienced podiatrists in Windsor:

  • Wear low heels. This may not be an option if you're a professional who needs to appear in public at events or meetings, but if your job allows it and you can get away with it, wearing flat shoes will help protect your feet.
  • Wear shoes with good arch support and a snug fit. High-heeled shoes are designed for fashion and comfort rather than foot health—and this mismatch between form and function means that most high heels don't provide much arch support or cushioning for the balls of your feet (which need protection). In fact, since most people's legs are usually longer than their torsos (from hip bone to ankle), many women find that high-heeled shoes actually make their legs look shorter!
  • Exercise regularly so your muscles are strong enough to handle all those miles walking around on pavement all day long without getting injured—and remember not everyone needs exercise!
  •  It's important only if you plan on spending long hours standing upright in one place throughout each day like office workers do by default; otherwise, there isn't much reason why someone should exercise unless they're planning on competing professionally someday soon.


If you need to wear them, then make sure your pair is well-made and has good arch support. If they’re uncomfortable at first, try breaking them in by wearing them around the house before wearing them out in public. 

You should also be sure that your feet are properly cared for after each day of high-heel wearing by cleaning and moisturizing them with products specifically designed for this purpose. If you are suffering from any pain then consult experienced podiatrists in Windsor before it's too late.

Source: Why Are High Heels Harmful To Your Feet?

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