The Top Video Game Consoles Of 2017

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Gamers are everywhere!! On the streets, you see them play on their mobiles or they would play on their Pc’s or consoles at home.  The video game industry has come from humble beginnings.  In the current age games have almost life like graphics in 4k resolution. To enable such high intensity games to work, one needs high end computers. Some gamers spend more than Rs. 100,000 for a proper gaming pc. The reality is different for lot of gamers, with a tighter budget. Buying a pc which can run all current and even future games is an expensive affair. This is where a game console trumps the pc. Thanks to companies like Nintendo and Sony who launched consoles way back in the 80’s & the 90’s the console gaming market is worth billions in this day and age. You can get a console for less than half the price of an average pc or a gaming laptop. Let’s check out the top 5 consoles available in the market currently.


Founded in 1989 Nintendo is the one of the world’s largest video game companies in the world. Their market value is estimated to be about 85 billion dollars. They have created some of the most influential video game titles in gaming history, like Mario, Zelda & more. Nintendo are known to have a closed eco system with less third party involvement in their games and hardware.

·         Nintendo Switch

Their latest offering this year is the Nintendo switch which is priced at Rs. 33,490 on Amazon in India. Nintendo has not officially released the console in India yet.  Launch titles like Zelda breath of the wild and Skyrim were released with the console to push sales. Sales have been exceptionally well for the newly released console even at such a price. The console features a small portable screen with a handheld controller in the box. The console can be connected to your television for big screen gaming and can be carried out for handheld gaming. This is Nintendo’s solution for a handheld cum home console. They have also let third party game developers to work on the console to make more games after listening to critics and fans.

·         Nintendo 2ds XL

The handheld console with 2 screens is available online in India at Rs. 14,697. Like the switch this console is not officially launched in India. So if you are looking to buy this be aware of after sales service issues. The 2ds Xl features backwards compatibility and plays all the previous generation games. Nintendo aims to offer double the fun at a lesser price.


Founded in 1975, Microsoft is a global leader in the computer software, consumer electronics. They entered the video game market in 2001, which was then dominated by Sony & Nintendo. They launched the Xbox and It went head to head with industry leaders. It performed pretty well due to its games like the Halo series & features like inbuilt hard drive, and online gaming through a broadband connection. The Xbox 360 was released as a successor to the original Xbox, and was a hit in the market. Now considered only second to Sony’s Playstation. 

·         Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is the latest console offering by Microsoft. It is an upgraded variant of the Xbox One which was released in 2013 as a successor to the Xbox 360. The Xbox controller is said to be the best gaming controller in the world, and the Xbox One S controller carries the same legacy. It will be launched on October 10th in India in 500 Gb & 1 Tb Variants. The base variant is available for pre-order at Rs. 29,990 online. The console features gaming at 4k resolution for bright and vivid colors.


Sony is the global leader in the gaming industry, with its Playstation consoles. The first playstation was launched in 1994. Sony has sold more than 100 million units of Playstation. Sony invests heavily in making exclusive console games which work with their console. Their game titles like the Uncharted series & The Last Of Us have sold millions of copies.

·         Ps4 Slim Model

The PS4 which was the successor to the Playstation 3, marked a new generation of consoles in 2013. It featured the latest in console technology, with an octa-core processor and an 8 GB Ram. The slim variant was launched in 2016 as an updated model with a more streamlined and compact body. The console supports HDR color profiles for better viewing. This model is available at Rs. 27,380 At Amazon.

·         Ps4 Pro

Sony announced the Ps4 Pro in September 2016 and called it mid-generation refresh. It is an upgraded variant with better hardware and 4k gaming capabilities like the Xbox One s and also features Vr Gaming. The Pro is priced at Rs.37,999 and also features Netflix streaming.

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