Will High Heels Affect Pregnancy?

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Heels are a fashion staple for most women, and a statement look cannot be achieved without wearing them. However, wearing women's heels during pregnancy is definitely not a good idea. The nine-month beautiful pregnancy journey is no less than a roller coaster ride for all women. 

A woman's body undergoes numerous changes during her gestation period. So, she must be very careful about her eating habits, sleeping patterns and the type of lifestyle she has. Women's life changes completely, and she has to refrain from doing things she loves before stepping into pregnancy. So, heels are not in favour of pregnant women. 

Continue reading the blog post, as we've shared some effects of wearing heels for pregnant women.

Will High heels Affect Pregnancy?

Doctors strictly advise against wearing heels for a variety of scientific reasons. As your pregnancy progresses, your body weight and even your ligaments and muscles undergo certain changes. 

As a result, wearing women's high heels may worsen the pain and cramps with certain other risks. Let's learn more together!

Calf Cramps

When a pregnant woman wears heels for an extended period, her calf muscles contract. This results in muscle cramps which can be exacerbated during pregnancy. 

Back Pain

High heels are meant to change your posture by bending your pelvic muscles forward, giving your back a rounder shape. Since the support offered by high heels is improper, wearing them puts undue strain and pressure on the pelvic joints. This results in aches and soreness in your ligaments and joints of the lower back and pelvic area. 

Lower Balancing Capacity

During pregnancy, the strength in your ankles is expected to reduce due to hormonal changes and excess body weight. And this is the most common reason for decreased balancing capacity. So, when you are wearing heels during pregnancy, there is a higher chance of losing balance which could result in tripping and falling, injuring yourself and your unborn child.

Stretched Muscles

The hormones produced during pregnancy cause ligaments in the calf and ankles to loosen a bit, like those in your abdomen and back. 

This results in muscle stretching on your feet. 

The shoes and high heels UK that you could wear easily without discomfort before pregnancy now will be painfully tight and extremely uncomfortable to wear.

Swollen Feet

A medical condition called oedema is a common condition during pregnancy in which your feet, ankles and legs begin to swell. So, if you choose to wear high heels or platform heels, it worsens the problem. 

Plus, wearing high heels in your last trimester can make your feet swollen if you don't go through oedema. Your lower body will retain more fluid, and you might experience pain in addition to having swollen feet.


A pregnant woman wearing high heels UK increases the risks of falling and other injuries, both of which can lead to a higher possibility of miscarriage. 

All Summed Up!

Getting pregnant is the most beautiful and emotional period of a woman's life, which causes her body to undergo several physical and emotional changes. One can never let anything harm herself and the unborn baby, even if they were her favourite things. So, women's heels is not advised to wear during pregnancy. You can shop high heels at our website for slaying your after-pregnancy looks! 

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