High Heels And Their Buying Considerations

by Lucy Choi London Designer
Before we start guiding you about the tips and tricks of how to buy and wear high heels, we have found an interesting thing to tell you. It is none other than the brief history about the high heels. They have been found centuries ago and have been around for centuries. But, not exactly in the form, we know them today. Centuries ago the Egypt men used to wear heels that too the usual run of the mill site. These sorts of footwear were used by the riders, actors or for the special ceremonies, the high heels were considered as a statement of power and status.

But now in this modern era, the heels are converted into devices to redeem self-confidence, lengthen our silhouettes and to feel sexy. Most of the ladies out there rely on heels not only for special occasions but the majority of them rely on them for daily wear to detriment the sore toes and aching backs. The drawbacks of wearing heels could be reduced with some education on your foot type and the kinds of heels and size that suits your foot.

The high heel sandals are manufactured with many distinct varieties of heels, categorized on the basis of size and shape etc. Kitten, cone, horn, claw, banana, stiletto, pumps, wedges, platform etc. are commonly used heel types by the majority of the heel manufacturers.

Here are some considerations for you to have a look before you buy high heels online in the UK.

  • Height:  This is one such factor that is not worth denying and most of the women would love to opt for a bigger size. But the sole should not be a factor to worry about because it brings in much confusion and delay in decision making to choose a pair of heels out of many options in front of them. Taking every possible factor into account, don’t head straight to a 6-7 inches heel while buying your first pair of sandals. Slowly and gradually start investing in a kitten heel and once your foot becomes habitual of wearing heels, increasing heel height and always try investing in a trustworthy brand.

  • Test drive: Trying footwear and wearing it for at least eight hours in a day are two distinct things and therefore it is not necessary that if footwear is comfortable for a while it will be comfortable for entire day long. The simplest test to see if a pair of shoes fits you is to try both shoes in store and walk around for a couple of minutes. Since your feet are not identical, you might feel comfortable and roomy enough with the right shoe but it doesn’t seem to be same for the left foot as well. Wear heels and take a few steps in each one you kept aside to choose from. While standing, try to lift up on your toes. If it slips out from your foot, it’s the ideal one for you to buy. In case they stuck, it indicates that they are either too small or they will start giving you blisters from day one.

  • Size: Whether you shop online or offline, make sure that you consider buying from a brand you strictly rely on or if you’re buying women’s high heel sandals in London for the very first time, make sure that you buy from a reliable brand so as to ensure it does not harm your feet in any way. Peruse a size chart before you make your final purchase because most of the brands today have their own rules regarding shoe sizes. Also check the site’s return, exchange and refund policies before hitting the ‘buy’ button.

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