6 tips for total war newbies braving total war: warhammer

by Thu Ha thu
If you’re excited to command a cavalcade of spectral riders, or to fire a goblin from a giant catapult but are totally clueless about Total War, we have you covered, thanks to these six handy hints for Total War newbies.

Troop Deployment and Battlefield Positioning

The Troop Deployment phase of each skirmish can be considered the calm before the storm. Use this time to scope out the lay of the land and deploy your troops in a starting formation, placing your units in tactical locations in order to maximise their potential. Play to make 7 hexa puzzle.

Dwarves are one of the many factions available to players.

Fast moving cavalry can take up flanking positions and those with the Vanguard ability can even begin behind enemy lines for a surprise attack. Group your units to make them easier to wield in the heat of battle and use the terrain to your advantage, but remember: while hills and trees make for excellent cover, your own ranged units need a clear line of sight, too. After all, they cannot hit what they cannot see.

Harnessing the Winds of Magic
The Winds of Magic blow throughout the Old World of Total War: Warhammer, fuelling the powerful mystical abilities of fearsome sorcerers and legendary heroes alike. Utilise your spell-casters’ powerful magics to hinder your enemy’s most terrifying beasts, cause panic in the ranks of infantry or to lay waste to entire units lower-level foes.

Always be aware of the level of your Winds of Magic and of how quickly it’s recharging so that you can harness its power at a moment’s notice. Used right, the Winds of Magic can help to turn the tide of battle with a well-timed buff to your troops or a well-placed vortex to devastate your enemy’s army.

Empire Building and Diplomatic Relations
In order to recruit, train and maintain a formidable fighting force on the battlefield, it’s necessary to see to the efficient running of your empire. Take time to study the Campaign Map and construct buildings in your settlements and provinces that will aid your war efforts.

The Total War: Warhammer campaign map

Bear in mind that peace can also be profitable, so look to your neighbours for trade opportunities or to fill gaps in your available resources. Of course, in Total War: Warhammer, peace is only ever fleeting and you should always be prepared to defend your borders or, where diplomacy fails, to take what you need by force.

Taking a Timeout (Battle Pause)
Sometimes, no matter how well-prepared you might be, battles can escalate more quickly than you’re ready for. In times such as these, strategic use of the pause button can give you room to breathe and reassess your options.

Playing on normal difficulty, commands can be issued to troops while the battle is paused and so calling a temporary halt to proceedings can give you time to regroup before planning your next moves. While you’re at it, pausing the action also gives you a chance to get up close and personal to study some of the game’s ugliest, most terrifying or outright awesome units!

Maximising the Battle Potential of Lords and Heroes
The Lords and Heroes of Total War: Warhammer are not some precious hands-off Generals who have forgotten what it is to go toe to toe with the enemy. These legendary units are some of the most powerful the game has to offer and should be used accordingly.

Spend skill points to upgrade their abilities and stand them shoulder to shoulder with their troops, where they’ll provide a leadership buff to those around them and help boost morale and battle prowess. Likewise, taking out the enemy lord will dent the confidence of the enemy army, making it more likely they’ll turn tail and flee like the craven dogs they are!

Using the Right Tool for the Job
If you’re to be victorious in your efforts to conquer the Old World for the good of Man/Dwarf/Orc or Vampire-kind, you’ll need to learn to identify the right tool for the job. Knowing where and when to deploy a diplomatic word, a unit of Demigryph Knights, an Arachnarok Spider or a magical vortex is key to becoming a successful ruler.

Sometimes, cunning and strategy will be necessary to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, at others a well-struck trade agreement will bolster the fortunes of your empire. Every now and then, though, the only solution is to strap on a pair...of wings, climb into a catapult and deliver high-velocity justice to those that dare to oppose you.

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