5 Inspirational Christian Birthday Jewelry Gifts for a Woman

by Jennifer Barkati Life Style and Jewelry Blogger

Christian religious jewelry has evolved to a great extent in the past two decades or so. The number of images and symbols that can easily be created today allow for different types of Christian religious jewelry with more intricate designs. There are many reasons why people choose to wear Christian religious jewelry.

An individual might be experiencing various difficulties in life and simply feel better when these Christian symbols are close to him. Wearing a religious image such as a cross or a crucifix with the image of our savior gives people a sense of security. They feel as if god is constantly watching and protecting them, and will guide them through crucial moments.

Further, new found faith and people who want to signify a sudden change in direction may also feel the need to wear Christian jewelry. Unlike in the previous century, overall jewelry options have become more gender-inclusive, which allows men and women to proudly sport these pieces that signify their faith to the world. Finally, like it is true for all forms of jewelry, people might wear religious pieces for the sole reason that they look beautiful!

However, as is true for all kinds of jewelry pieces nowadays, picking out the perfect piece is very difficult. In the case of Christian and other types of religious jewelry, there are quite a few things that people need to consider, before making a decision. Different pieces make different kinds of statements with respect to the personality’s wearer.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose a piece which appears synonymous with the kind of personality the wearer has. Further, a person needs to consider the intricacy of the kind of message that they want to convey, apart from the type of symbol they prefer. Certain symbols are more popular than others, although there is a recent trend where people tend to choose more obscure pieces that tend to convey specific messages.

There are many different kinds of symbols that Christian jewelry features nowadays. Choosing Christian jewelry pieces of specific occasions, such as a birthday or a promotion at work can prove to be a difficult task indeed. While there is no lack of choices, there are two specific factors that women generally consider when buying any type of jewelry, let alone a Christian themed piece.

First and foremost, the fundamental look apart from the imagery used must be perfect. Further, the piece must be strong and fit for everyday use. Be it a cross, crucifix, the star and the shape, or figure of an Angel, women simply are no longer a fan of pieces that appear delicate.

Further, a recent trend that has gained traction are angelic beings and animals that have increasingly been used in jewelry pieces.  In this article, we look at five of the best Christian Jewelry gifts that you can find for women on their birthday!

14K Yellow Gold Sideways Floral Crescent Moon Necklace

Gold Crescent Moon Necklace

The 14k gold crescent moon necklace features a 14 karat crescent moon with a highly polished finish. Although the piece has religious significance, it is perfect to be worn on other occasions as well. Further it can be accompanied with different types of pieces, and does well when combined with other colors as well. The look that it lends is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. The ‘Crescent moon’ is considered to be an auspicious image in Christainity, and wearing a piece featuring it is sure to bring a sense of calm and reflection to the wearer.

14k gold jesus face pendant

There isn’t any image in the world that provides more security and goodwill than that of Jesus himself. The Jesus Christ face pendant is made from 14 karat gold with a polished satin finish and a diamond cut style design. The 14k gold Jesus pendant is primarily a Christian themed pendant especially suitable to be given on auspicious occasions such as a person’s birthday. Further, the overall feminine finish makes the pendant perfect for women.

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Miraculous Round Medal Pendant

14k Yellow Gold Hand Engraved Our Lady Of Guadalupe Miraculous Round Medal Pendant with Figaro Chain Necklace

The lady of guadalupe gold pendant features a round medallion with the image of the Virgin Mary in the center. The virgin Mary is simply the most important female character in Christianity, and had many forms and symbols associated with her.

The round medallion has a glossy that further adds to the visual value of each piece. As always, each of our pieces is handmade and therefore especially unique, considering that intricacy and vivid nature of the images that these pieces feature.

Two Tone Crucifix Pendant Necklace

14k Solid Yellow Gold Christian Trefoil Cross Two Tone Crucifix Pendant Necklace Available with Rolo Chain

This two tone silver and gold necklace features the silver image of Lord Jesus along with a beaming golden cross on which his body is suspended. The gold and silver imagery tends to add a further mesmerizing element to the entire piece.

The necklace itself comes in three different chain choices, including Rolo, Curb, or Figaro Chains. Further, the two tone cross pendant has a stunning rhodium finish which adds a certain sparkle to the overall piece.

As far as sheer vividness of imagery is concerned, there aren’t many pieces more beautiful than the Virgin Mary necklace. The necklace features four different images of Virgin Mary, Christian saints and the image of Lord Jesus. The images are engraved in a solid gold 14k medallion that has a polished finish to it. As always, like all of our products, the Virgin Mary necklace is 100% handmade and truly unique. Further, each piece is Made in America, and uses the best, highest quality of stones and other materials.

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