4 Habits to Keep Your Heart Healthy

by Scientific Pathology Scientific Pathology & Imaging Center.

Everyone knows that following an exercise regime and a nutritious diet can keep the heart healthy, but there are certain healthy habits which reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases even further. The purpose of this article is to make people aware of and encourage them to follow such habits, so that their heart remains healthy.   

Following are some of the habits for a healthy heart:

1. Avoid intake of trans fat

Many people have this misconception that they need to significantly reduce the intake of fats to remain healthy, which is not true. Our body actually needs saturated and unsaturated fats, but what we don’t need is the trans fat, which increases the risk of heart ailments.  

Trans fat increases the bad cholesterol levels and lowers the good cholesterol levels, which result in the clogging of arteries. Reducing the intake of trans fat improves the blood flow throughout the body. Such fats are mostly found in packed food items, like chips, fast food, etc. You should opt for the best diagnostic services in Agra, and get your Lipid Profile done to keep a check on your cholesterol levels.  

2. Take care of your dental hygiene

It might surprise many, but people having gum diseases develop the risk of heart ailments.  There are chances that bacteria which infect gums might move into the bloodstream and increase the amount of C-reactive protein, which is known to cause inflammation in the blood vessels. Such inflammation interrupts the smooth blood flow, which affects the health of the heart.

3. Get enough sleep

Most people negate the importance of getting a sound sleep, which develops the risk of cardiovascular diseases, irrespective of age. Sleeping less than seven hours during the night increases the risk of a heart attack over a period of time as it causes disruptions in biological processes, increases blood pressure and develop inflammation in blood vessels. So, if your blood pressure shoots up all of a sudden, then you should go to the best pathology lab, known for providing reliable diagnostic services in Agra, and undergo an ECG.   

4. Avoid sitting in one place for too long

Staying seated for long periods of time can result in grave consequences for your health, irrespective of how much exercise you do. This is why people having desk jobs are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Sitting for long periods of time may result in deep vein thrombosis, which develops blood clots. So, to avoid such a condition, you should make an effort to walk a few kilometers every day. You can park your car a little far away from your office, or go for a long walk during the lunch hours.

Judiciously following the above habits and tips will certainly do your heart a favor. But besides that, you should undergo the lipid profile test, only at a pathology lab that offers quality diagnostic services in Agra, on a yearly basis.

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