5 Symptoms That are Associated with the Onset of Diabetes

by Scientific Pathology Scientific Pathology & Imaging Center.

Diabetes is a silent killer, primarily because most of us are ignorant about its subtle symptoms. It can result in severe cardiovascular or renal diseases, if left undiagnosed. It’s important to keep reading about it through various sources to enhance your awareness, which is very much the purpose of this article.   

Following are some of the common symptoms that indicate the possible onset of Diabetes:

1. Frequent urination

If you haven’t increased the intake of water, but still you are urinating more than usual, then it’s time to check your blood sugar level. You might even end up waking up several times in the middle of the night, just to urinate, in case your blood sugar is abnormally high. This happens because kidneys increase their efficiency so that the excess glucose can be removed from the blood. So, if you experience these symptoms, then go for a diabetes-related health checkup package.

2. Increased Appetite For Food

If you have diabetes, then your sugar levels go through extreme highs and lows, and the body cells do not receive enough glucose. All this results in a sudden craving for food.

3. Dry Mouth 

Having dry mouth all the time can be very unpleasant, and dangerous too, as it becomes the breeding ground for bacteria, which can trigger various oral and dental problems. You might also experience complications with your gums.

There are which include fasting as well as postprandial blood sugar test. You can go for the required test if you observe the above symptoms.

4. Sudden Weight Loss

If you have lost a considerable amount of weight, without following any exercise regime or diet plan, then you should visit a doctor at the earliest. Diabetes can cause a sudden weight loss because as the body cells are unable to receive the required amount of glucose, the body starts burning the stored fats to produce the required energy.

5. Cuts Don’t Heal in Time

Blood vessels play a crucial role in repairing skin and healing wounds, and for that, the blood requires smooth circulation to quickly cover the areas affected by sores or cuts. But, if your blood glucose level remains high over a period of time, then it starts damaging the nerves, which results in poor blood circulation and a slow healing of wounds.

So, besides opting for the best health checkup packages to check your blood sugar level, it’s important that you start taking nutritious diet and following an exercise regime if you experience any of the above symptoms. This will help you lead a fitter life, and will keep diabetes at bay. 

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