4 Common Reasons Why a Truck Might be Leaking Oil

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The Canadian climate is changing, and before the long winter month ahead, it is crucial to check every truck part is working fine to run smoothly on the road. Out of all, one of the most common issues that truckers face these days is engine oil leaks. If a truck is leaking oil, it means the engine will damage and stop altogether in the near future. Truck oil seal is an excellent apparatus capable of reducing intense damage caused due to oil leaks. Here are the leading causes why truck leaks oil and what one can do to prevent it.   

Worn-out Filter  

The truck’s oil filter wears out and degrades over time which becomes the prime reason for oil leaks. The engine’s pressure can worsen the filter’s condition, making its alignment improper and loose, leading to oil leaks. In some heavy-duty trucks, a few additional parts in the filter are sometimes responsible for possible oil leaks. In such cases, while changing oil inside the system, the mechanic must check the alignment and condition of the filter as well to work it optimum.  

Loose Filler Cap  

Out of several causes, one possible reason for dripping oil is its loose filler caps. The engine oil leaks happen when the tank’s filler cap doesn’t tighten enough, or it becomes loose or breaks. It can be fixed within seconds when it comes to maintaining oil leaks. The seal for the truck can readjust the filler cap to make sure it is not loose. Also, seals prevent engine oil from outside contamination. 


Damaged Valve Gasket  

When the truck’s engine begins leaking oil from the top, this shows signs of possible damage in the valve’s cover gasket. It is often seen in older vehicles or trucks used for heavy loading and covers a high number of miles. A gasket is a typical truck seal that joins the cylinder head and valve. Over time the friction and pressure in the gasket increases, which is responsible for its breakage, especially if sludge (break down of oil due to excess temperature) is generated. Checking and changing oil more often can increase the chances of gasket longevity.   

The issue in Camshaft Seals  

Leaks are common in a truck engine’s camshaft seal that uses a timing belt for keeping the camshaft and crankshaft in sync. When a truck starts leaking from the rear of the engine below the valve cover, it can be leakage due to camshaft seals. To avoid such leaks, a mechanic should thoroughly inspect the engine and determine whether the oil leaks are worn down or defective camshafts seals. 


Problems inside the engine oil can lead to expensive repairs. Regular maintenance and servicing can save massive money in the long run. Oil leaks need immediate servicing either from the mechanic or by the trucker himself because they can degrade rubber hoses or seals, but worst of all, these leaks can cause a risk of fire and engine damage.  

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