A Detailed Info of Truck Wheel Bearing

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Since more and more commercial trucks are moving goods across Canada, drivers travel millions of miles annually. The commercial truck is used to carry and transport heavyweight, turning the great load on its wheel. However, when the vehicles’ wheel bearing is heavy, the resistance will be greater, and the component “wheel bearing” ultimately minimizes the friction between parts as the wheel spins. The wheel bearings and seal kit are accountable for relieving the resistance and prolonging the wheel’s life.  

Importance of Wheel Bearing and Seal?  

The truck wheel bearing is made up of small metal balls, which are typically designed to minimize the rolling friction and let the truck’s wheel spin freely without getting hampered by the excessive weight. The bearings can be either in the form of the ball or tapered rollers. A vehicle’s front wheel bearings typically use an angular-type ball bearing since an angular-type ball bearing can withstand higher forces than the Conrad-type bearing.  

The seal design of the vehicle remains the same for all, but the materials of the seal part change from felt to rubber products. In the primary seal, yet felt is used as a dust shield. A seal is responsible for keeping things in working order in your vehicle. It helps prevent leakage, keeping oil and gas in the vehicle so that the driver can safely move it from one place to another.  

Types of Wheel Bearings  

Wheel bearings are in charge of reducing the resistance between the moving parts in a wheel and lessen the erosion and wear of wheel components to extend its life expectancy. However, the usage of bearing varies as per the wheel’s purpose. Here are a few truck wheel bearing types used in vehicles: 

Ball Bearing 

It is one of the most versatile and common types of bearing. Ball bearings can hold both radial and thrust loads. The Ball bearings is found in the wheels of the roller skates to the wheel of larger automobiles.  

Roller Bearing  

Besides ball bearings, roller bearings are often used on wheels because of its capability to bear heavy loads. They can easily brace radial load. However, roller bearings are not as versatile as ball bearings to bear under thrust. Still, it can work well for hand trucks or grocery carts.  

Tapered Roll Bearings 

This bearing is made to use in standard truck wheels. Their cone shape structure accounts for reducing friction during cornering when thrust load is at its greatest. In addition, tapered roller bearings enable the wheel to turn at varying angles.  

Wheel Bearings Problem Identification  

When it comes to checking irregularities in wheel bearings, it includes lots of assumptions. So, to begin with, the trucker should listen to odd noises such as humming, whirring or grinding that are coming from the expected wheel. Thus, the wheel bearing and seal kit help rectify the wear and tear parts caused due to issue happened in wheel components.   


Wheel bearings are an essential part of a heavy commercial truck, and it helps to improve vehicle performance by reducing resistance due to heavy loads. When looking for truck bearing kits online, visit Surya Truck Parts— a leading truck parts dealer in Canada. It offers all aftermarkets parts, including wheel bearing and seal kit, truck air brake parts, drivetrain components and more. Visit today to explore more for heavy duty truck parts.

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