Importance of Charge Air Coolers for Commercial Vehicle

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In the trucking sector, there are lots of hurdles a driver may face regularly. They may come across lots of truck parts after spending years in the industry. Consequently, there is the possibility that they may have experienced everything related to engine failure, including engine’s overheating, unusual noise; it is because the charge air coolers (CAC) may not be introduced to the engine’s support system.  

If a driver experiences noticeable changes in the truck’s engine performance, then there is high time to look into the CAC components to improve the truck’s performance to run smoothly on the road.  

Charge Air Coolers: Purpose and Importance  

The change air coolers, also known as intercoolers, act as mediators between the turbo and the engine. It is an effective component that helps in enhancing the engine’s efficiency and power. An air cooler lowers the ambient air temperature from ~450°F (from the turbo) to ~40°F. However, CAC ipositioned in front of the truck’s radiator which help to extract the hot and compressed air from the turbo and cool it down before passing to the truck engine.   

As mentioned, the main functionality of change air coolers is to cool engine air after it passes from a turbocharger before entering the engine. The purpose behind this process is to return air to a lower temperature for an optimum level of power production in the vehicle’s engine.  

More specifically, CAC is a heat exchange component that is usually used on turbocharged or supercharged internal combustion engines. Moreover, it increases the engine’s volumetric efficiency through increasing intake air-charge density by isochoric cooling technique. The engine’s output is increased by a lower air intake temperature and allows for a denser charge and more fuel to be combusted per cycle.  

Signs of Charge Air Coolers Misfunctioning  

Many truckers experience cranking the truck engine due to some serious heat while running vehicles on the highway, especially during the hot summer months. In many places of Canada, the summer temperature reaches up to 100 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Even in such circumstances, if the condition of the engine’s supporting components gets neglected by the driver, it could worsen and potentially spell “disaster” or “downtime.”  

The aftercooler (part of CAC) takes compressed air through the turbocharger, cools it, and sends it back to the engine to show high performance and great engine airflow. But, in case the air coolers are leaking, or something else is going on in the engine, then watch out for the below signs: 

- Failure of Piston, ring or valve

- Heating of engine 

- Whistling sound from engines

- Sudden decrease of engine power  

- High coolant temps  

The charge air cooler unit of vehicles is a vital component that ensures maximum performance and fuel efficiency. But when the time comes, don’t hesitate to replace them with new ones because avoiding it for a long time could impact on vehicle’s performance!   

Conclusion: From the above explanation, it is clear that by providing cool and dense air, the truck’s charge air cooler component enables engines to perform better while extending the truck engine’s life expectancy.  

In order to get the best charge air cooler and aftercooler available, look no farther than Surya Truck Parts. It is a leading supplier of all types of heavy-duty truck parts and accessories in Canada. It has a skilled team that offers valuable air cooler components that helps improving trucks functioning. 

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