3 Most Common Reasons of Truck Engine Parts Failure

by Surya Truck Parts Heavy Duty Truck Parts

The engine is like a vehicle's brain, and it is the key component that helps move the vehicle by converting fuel into mechanical energy. Nobody wants to feel the experience of engine damage because it is frightening, inconvenient and expensive. But the good news is that one can avoid truck engine parts being damaged by just evaluating and rectifying it before it causes further mishaps. 


Multiple factors can cause engine failure, and its prevention is important for the engine's prolonged life. With this in mind, check out the below key points to evaluate the reasons for major engine damage.   

Avoidance of Lubrication  

Lubrication is important to keep the truck engine components long-lasting. Less lubrication or not maintaining the amount of lubrication is one of the major reasons for catastrophic engine failure. The key components of the engine need proper oiling so they don't get damaged and overheat due to excess friction. In order to avoid such a situation in a truck, preventive maintenance is important. Periodic maintenance and oiling in key parts can help reduce wear and tear.  

Excessive Heating   

When a truck runs on the road for a longer period, the engine heats up often and lead engine parts to fail. An engine is a mechanical component that functions consistently to give power to the other components of the vehicle.   

The combustion inside the gasoline engine creates enough heat that is usually responsible for thinning and wrapping of metal. However, the reason behind the engine's heating is because of some sort of coolant leak from the radiator connected to the cooling system or due to the engine itself. So, to prevent such issues in the truck engine parts, invest in a reliable cooling system that can maintain and dissipate high temperatures.  

Broken Timing Belt  

These days many engines are interference engines. The interference engines have pistons and valves that usually occupy the same spaces within the cylinders but not simultaneously. And because of any reason the timing belt of the truck get breaks, the pistons of the engine may hit on the valves while they're open, it will be the reason of destroying them. It can become the reason to damage engine parts.   

If any truck has a timing belt in place of the timing chain, then the best way to avoid such an issue is to just replace it with the help of an experienced mechanic.    


It is often hard to keep going when the truck engine gives major signs, resulting in catastrophic parts failure. It is best to observe and evaluate truck engine components before and after a long drive. Checking often the above mention points help determine the possible cause for immediate remediation. It provides peace of mind knowing that the engine is in good condition and will keep running without downtime.  

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