Common Causes of Truck Accidents from New York Truck Accident Lawyer

by George D. Beck Online Marketing
Getting legal assistance from an experienced New York truck accident lawyer is a must in most accidents where trucks are involved. Unlike a normal car accident, truck accidents are far more problematic. There are many arguments as to who is responsible for the accident. The cause of the accident is many times the subject of debate. A truck accident lawyer NYC has the knowledge and expertise to protect you from the typical pitfalls facing a victim of truck accidents.

Who is Liable for the Accident?

When a truck accident occurs, there are many arguments related to whose insurance should cover the costs compensating the victim. Leasing companies, trucking companies, vehicle and parts producers, they all get into intensive arguments about who should be paying. Here is a list of the people or companies potentially liable in case of a truck accident:

  • The truck driver is usually the first person that is considered responsible and therefore liable for the losses.
  • The owner of the truck is also held accountable in some cases when the cause was something that the owner could have prevented by respecting maintenance schedule or other similar circumstances;
  • The leasing company in many times is also liable in a similar way as the owner of the truck or trailer is;
  • Manufacturer of the vehicle or manufacturer of certain parts may also be liable for damages in case the accident was caused by defective parts or manufacturing method.
  • In case of improper loading that has contributed to the cause of the accident, the shipper or loader is responsible for the accident.
  • No matter who is at fault, you need a New York injury attorney to help you establish who is liable and whom you need to sue to be compensated for your losses. All parties involved usually try to escape from their responsibility and it may be difficult to pinpoint the true accountable. A truck accident lawyer can handle every aspect with you and can help you pursue full compensation with the right party.

What Caused the Accident?

It is important to know what caused and in such lawyer will explain to you why that is important and how it can affect your case. When settling, knowing and being able to prove the exact cause of the accident is your greatest advantage. When the case goes to trial, knowing and proving makes your entire case as any New York truck accident lawyer will tell you:

  • 26% of truck accidents are caused by use of prescription drugs that affect the driver's ability to react promptly and make the right decision behind the wheels;
  • 23% of truck accidents are caused by speeding for trucks, every extra mile increases the impact force of these huge monsters, as any accident lawyer NYC will inform you;
  • 22% of truck accidents are caused by drivers who were unfamiliar with the road where the accident was produced.
  • These are just the top three causes. Amazingly, fatigue only accounts for 13% of the cases, inadequate surveillance for 14%, OTC drugs for 18%, illegal maneuver for 9%, aggressive driving behavior for 7%, inadequate evasive action for 7%, and exterior distraction for 8%.

No matter the cause of the accident, you need a New York personal injury lawyer to represent your interests and help you with the investigation. You are entitled to compensations for your physical and emotional injuries. Thus, you should hire a truck accident lawyer that is experienced, reliable, communicative, and open to suggestions. Most importantly, the lawyer should have the time and resources to handle your cause.

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