3 Great Holiday Jewelry Gift Ideas

by Jennifer A. Life Style and Jewelry Blogger

There are a plethora of occasions that might call for jewelry to be given as a gift. People all over the world have been following different kinds of jewelry-oriented traditions that have seen particular types of jewelry become quite a staple gift on many occasions.

While the culture of jewelry being used as gifts began thousands of years ago, most of them have been anglicized over time and have different kinds of modern translations of them. However, other types of traditions have carried over since generations without seeing a lot of transformation.

These include weddings, engagements, and birthdays, for starters. Weddings in particular have different kinds of jewelry gifts exchanged in accordance to the culture and the traditions of the region. For example, South-Eastern countries like India and Pakistan have traditions wherein metals such as gold and silver are used in different kinds of pieces.

Further, specific festivals and other occasions have come to be recognized with specific types of jewelry pieces that are exchanged and looked upon as a part of the culture itself. While cultural and traditional reasons have a huge role to play, there are other factors as well.

Different kinds of festivals have different kinds of stories and images attached to them. These symbols might have religious value, or might simply be visually brilliant and suitable to be given as a gift. Further, there are two outlined categories of jewelry that can be talked about in this situation.

Firstly, there are pieces that signify love and are mostly only suitable to be given as gifts to a partner or somebody you have already confessed your love for. On the other hand, various types of jewelry that is suitable to be given as a holiday gift might not be the right gift for a romantic interest.

This calls for better  awareness and research, although at the end of the day it is the personal tastes and preferences of the receiver that are to be considered. Different kinds of personalities inadvertently have different kinds of preferences and jewelry tastes. Even when thinking about holiday jewelry, the most important factor that needs to be considered is whether the wearer prefers the kind of piece that you have picked out.

While some exceptions might be there with some visually brilliant pieces, in most cases people prefer to wear the kind of jewelry that suits their personality, and complements the kind of jewelry that they already own.

Now, considering that it is that time of the year again, with Halloween hangover not gone yet, and Christmas to soon present itself in a month or two, there are various jewelry pieces that you can look at if you want to pick out a gift for one of your loved ones. In this article, we look at three such full-proof gift ideas that you can use irrespective of the kind of relationship that you share with the receiver.

Solid gold letter necklace

The solid gold letter necklace is simply one of our highest selling necklaces of all time. Its shiny, sleek yet sophisticated design and impressive font along with the different chain options make it quite perfect for all kinds of occasions.

The necklace features  innumerable tiny diamonds embedded in an impressive 14k gold necklace with customers getting the freedom to completely customize the name/font they want the piece to say. These features ensure that the necklace is perfect to be given as a gift in a host of different situations, be it for a love interest or any other relationship that might be of importance to the buyer.

                              Diamond cuff earrings                                     

The triple diamond hoop cuff earrings come with a total of three circular hoops with innumerable tiny sparkling diamonds embedded neatly in the surface. The earrings have a glittering profile due to the full cut round white diamonds that it features.

Further, as is true for all products that you see on the Vardui Kara website, the earrings are entirely handmade, feature 100% natural diamonds, and are entirely made and manufactured in the USA. The earrings are more suitable to be given to a love interest or someone you intend to confess you love to. However, this does not mean that it cannot be given as a gift in other situations as well.

The petite diamond choker necklace is an extremely bold and flamboyant piece. Different types of cultures have seen the ‘choker’ feature being used in necklaces for thousands of years. The feature has trended quite a bit over the past few years, and now different types of choker necklaces are worn by people all over the world.

The petite diamond necklace has a stunning yellow gold finish and has a number of tiny diamonds embedded across its sleek structure. As always, the piece comes in the following three color options: Rose Gold, Yellow God, and White Gold.

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