15 Diamond Engagement Ring Myths To Stop Believing

by Andrews J. Jewelers

Just as grand and luring they tend to be, diamonds are up with several misconceptions too. Especially, if you are about to buy a diamond ring.

You would read lots of guides saying ‘how to buy a diamond ring’ and there you would read some false information too.

So here we have brought for you a list of few myths relating diamond engagement rings that you need to flush down the drains:

·       Myth: Bigger Diamonds Are Always Good-Looking

Reality: The biggest diamonds come with the biggest myth. In real, size of the diamond is never an indicator of its looks and its appearance depends on factors such as color, clarity, cut and shape etc.

·       Myth: All Diamonds Sparkle Brilliantly

Reality: The kind of reflection from a diamond depends on its cut and the interaction of light with them. Thus, not all diamonds have an elegant sparkling brilliance.

·       Myth: High Color or Clarity Defines Brilliance

Reality: Again, the cut which the diamonds get is the defining point of its brilliance and this has the least to do with its color or clarity.

·       Myth: Carat Weight Describes Diamond Size

Reality: Carat weight defines the weight of the diamond and never its size. In fact, the depth of the cut defines its visible size.

·       Myth: Diamonds are Indestructible

Reality: Sure they are indestructible, but they are prone to chipping against sharp objects, which mars its outer appearance.

·       Myth: Recycled Diamonds Denote Bad Luck

Reality: This is just a societal delusion which is highly prevalent. Needless to mention, this is nothing more than a myth.

·       Myth: A Diamond Ring Is Worth A Fortune

Reality: If you think that the diamond rings would eat up your three months’ salary, visit a good online store such as ‘Andrews Jewelers’ and you would find branded, Verragio engagement rings and wedding bands at extremely cheap prices.

·       Myth: Round Diamonds Have The Best Appearance

Reality: As a proof, search for cuts such as rectangular ones, heart cuts, square cuts, and oval cuts etc. You would yourself know the truth.

·       Myth: Inclusions May Break Your Diamond

Reality: Inclusions in your diamond are spoilers of its beauty and could lead to chipping. However, they never lead to a complete breakage.

·       Myth: Fluorescence In Diamonds is Not A Good Sign

Reality: Fluorescence in diamonds is a natural feature and it has nothing to do with its overall quality.

·       Myth: Yellow Diamonds Are Valued More Than The Others

Reality: Again, this is purely a myth and all kinds of diamonds are valuable.

·       Myth: Blue Stones Are Sapphires and Never Diamonds

Reality: Though sapphires are blue and occur in various shades, not all blue precious stones are sapphires. In fact, there are many blue brilliant diamonds too.

·       Myth: Buying Diamonds In Bulk Would Save You Money

Reality: Diamonds are never cheap and if you get a stone too cheap, the chances of it being fake are significantly more.

·       Myth: Never Shop An Engagement Ring With Your Partner

Reality: Nowadays, even the better-half who gets the ring may even help the partner in choosing the ring.

·       Myth: Diamonds Appear The Best on White Metals

Reality: True, they appear good, but not the best. In fact, you can get Parade engagement rings highly magnificent in yellow gold and rose gold etc.

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